by R G Pelley

“How many of you remember travelling on the Newfy Bullet back when trains were the way to go, ecolological before their time. There seemed to be more respect for the environment --- except for at least one major area, namely the toilets. I’m sure you remember the sign on the wall  that reminded us not to flush the toilet when the train was standing in the station. By some strange logic, it was better to blow all that stuff out of the tracks on the way to Deadmans Pond that to let it go between the  railway station and the freight shed!



“Remembering that wonderful period, I decided as a joke to make up a similar sign to put in one of the bathrooms in the house.  I had fun doing it with Photoshop  and I must say it always gets a great laugh.  Given the reaction it always gets, I thought that someone else might want to do the same thing, so here it is.  It measures 8” x 3”.  All you have to do is print it up and have it cost me only about 7-8$ to get it done here in Quebec.  After experimenting, I suggest an chocolate coloured border.

“If anybody is actually game to try the same idea, I’d love to know about it!"

  Robert Pelley