A Nostalgic Visit to Gander's Past

Gander Airport layout from the '50s

The familiar design that was used in many logos representing Gander sports teams, clubs and institutions. Even to this day, many people didn't realize that the logo represented the runway layout at Gander Airport of that era

WWII bombers refuel at Gander

An arial photo of parked US Army/Airforce bombers returning from Europe after VE Day being repostioned for the Pacific campaign. The activity at Gander must have been amazing. It would outwieght the activity at any airport in the world, even to this day

Where it all began

Captain Douglas Fraser landed the first airplane (VO-ADE) at Gander on Janurary 11, 1938. The hanger located to the left was the first and boasted having the largest free swinging door in the world for that time.

Gander's first store

Owned and operated by Goodyear Humber stores Ltd. Located near the railway station.

Gander's first area of commerce

On the road to the airport terminal on the left is Goodyears Resturant, commonly known as the "Greasy Spoon". The store is immediatley in the background. To the right is the original firehall later converted into a drug store and operated by Albert Jenkins. Not in the picture , to the right of the photographer's location, is the Eastbound Inn (hotel) and the Royal Bank.
Skyways hotels

Airport Skyways Hotels

Operated by the airport, these builings housed enroute overnighting passengers and airline flight crews. The buildings names were "The Jupiter" and "The Saturn". Another building known as "The Mercury" was mainly used to accommodate the airport's female staff.

Post Office & DoT Building

Located across the street from Hanger 13. In the background is the living quarters for the single male airport/construction workers. (Building numbers are not available to me at this time). Newhooks Garage is in the extreme background

Coronation Day Parade 1952

The citizen of Gander stand on the corner awaiting of Chestnut Street awaiting the Coronation parade. The Church of England Parish hall is to the right.

Gander Airport Terminal Building

American side Stratcruiser