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April 20, 2012

OK folks we have two photos here submitted by Neil Bishop, GC Class of 1966. They were taken by his dad Cecil Bishop.



PHOTO #1: The first is of Neil and his Uncle Gordon Pinsent (of NL and Canadian Acting fame). And, Neil has this to say:

“Gordon used to stay with us in Gander on Foss Avenue and worked at one of the old hotels (Mars?..I can ask him); it's where he met so many movie stars and got his interest in being an actor.
 "Uncle Gord" and me on Foss Avenue.
“This is great fun; Dad would be gratified to see his "snaps" enjoyed by others besides the family.”
 PHOTO #2:
“Gordon Pinsent (my Mom's brother) and his wife Irene; not sure who was travelling or where.”
Neil Bishop, GC Class of 1966

Two more great pictures from Gander past.  Thank you Neil, it is always so interesting to see pictures from Gander past and I just wonder how many more pictures are out there.

I do remember those buildings on Foss Avenue, and I believe they were  Bldg. 108, 109, and 110.  I grew up living on the American side Bldg. 69.
Really appreciate receiving these pictures.
Don Carter, GC Class of 1964

Interesting photos in many ways...every photo when growing up was in black and white. Colour photos came along later and I find it interesting to always remember places, people and things in a cast of black and white photos. Also note the long shadows in the first photo....still in winter months but without much snow.

I did meet Gordon Pinsent a couple of times...briefly and just in passing and I recounted the story of staying with his brother who lived in Grand Falls..can't remember his name now. I was there as part of a student group from MUN and we had a nice chat at the time.

The photo on the ramp sure tells a story. For one thing airport security was different wasn't it?        

Ah....what a great time to be young it was.

Thanks for sending those.
Angus Taylor, GA Class of 1963
Love looking at the old photos.  I'm with Angus, the airport security worked for me.  Oh for the good old days.  
Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of 1960

And this clarification from Pat Dempsey Hiscock, GA Class of 1956:
“JUPITER AND SATURN were the names of the hotels . . . Jupiter being the main one.

“MARS was an apartment building.  Some of the tenants, way back when) were:  The Dempseys, the Strongs, The Knees, the Stanleys.
 Pat Dempsey Hiscock, GA Class of 1956



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