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April 28, 2011

OK folks: Here is all that we can come up with on our quest to solve the answer to this mystery photo submitted by Don Carter, GC Class of 1964. His dad worked for American Airlines in Gander and this was one of the pictures in his album. On the back is written the year,  1947. And Don believed that the gentleman was known as Wee Bobby Clark who worked at Gander.

Thanks Don for sharing this photo with us, it gave us a lot of room for speculation and conversation. We are still not 100 percent sure of the two ladies but here is what everyone had to say on the topic:

Thanks for the photo research provided by Bob McKinnon, SJ Class of 1961, Jim Butler, GA Class of 1959 and Greg Seward, Gander Municipal Offices Media Offices of Social and Economic Development.

bobby clarke


eva gabor eva gaborava

Ava Gabor

Gabor Family

Top center: Jolie Gabor (the mother) with Ava on right. Front row is Zsa Zsa Gabor


Rita HayworthRita

Rita Hayworth (solo) and also with mother


Yeah, we think they are celebrities but they might just be ‘a hot Gander babe and her mother’.
         Bob McKinnon, SJ Class of 1961

Obivously the guy in the centre is "Wee Bobby Clarke". He, at one time, worked with the CBC in Gander and started a music program at about 7 or 7:15 in the evening called "Come Be Gay" using the call letters for the Gander station for the title (CBG). Such a title wouldn't fly (pardon the pun) today. He also played in some bands in the Gander area. I remember seeing him play the bass with a bunch of local musicans at, I think, the Globe (or Star) theatre in Gander.

My guess for the two ladies in the pic, and it is only a guess, is the Gabor sisters. They look much alike (to me) that they could be related.

The terminal was the best place for the CBG guys to hang out to get the latest news. They were always interviewing celebs passing through Gander. There was a weekly program called Regional Roundup on Sunday that was where the "news" was published. And Clarke did have that "Come Be Gay" show each weeknight which was 15 minutes of music and chat.

Just talked with my sister (Cora Butler Evans) about "Wee Bobby". Seems he did not work the CBG when she worked there. She was there from 1953 to 1957. She did not remember him at all; and "Wee Bobby" was the type of person one would remember

I'm sticking with a Gabor for the younger lady.
  Jim Butler, GA Class of 1959

Yes the photo is of "wee"  Bobby Clark but unable to help with the women. My recollection is that he did some work for the CBC post 1949 but also that he was with the Department of Transport. I vaguely recollect that he went to Ottawa to work for the Department of Transport here in the mid 1950s and stayed on. I also recollect that someone at some point saying that he had died. It is possible that Bill Ireland who also transferred to Ottawa may have some additional information. 
Garfield Pardy, GA Class of 1956

Perhaps someone might contact the Archivist at CBN in St. John's.
Clarence Dewling, Teacher GA 1957 era.

This is definitely "Wee" Bobby Clark, so titled because of his size.  He and his wife, Mary were very good friends of my parents.  Bobby died at least 20 years ago in Ottawa and his wife Mary (nee Beson, I think,) was from Grand Falls and she died around 1996 or so.  If I remember correctly, they had 2 children, a son whom I think was named Bob or Robert, as well, and a daughter named Georgina.  I have some feelers out to see what other info I am able to come up with.  If my dad was still alive he would be able to tell me lots.  I'll keep you informed of what I can find out. 
Maxine (Wicks) Smith, SJ Class of …???

I do remember Wee Bobby Clark quite well.  He, as a reporter or Manager, (can't quite recall which) with the Gander Beacon in the very early days in Gander.  This picture is of Zha Zha Gabor and her Mother, I believe.  They came through Gander quite often and I believe both sister and the Mother became quite good acquaintences of Bobby.  I can even recall this picture being in the Newspaper.  Ava did come to Gander often as well but, I believe this her sister.  It's evidently taken on the old tarmac outside the old Gander terminal.  Sure does bring back some great memories.
Marina Fleming, GA Class of ?????

I didn't move to Gander until 1948 (I was 8 y/o) but somehow these people look familiar. At first I thought the lady on the right arm resembled Marilyn Monroe but the age may not be appropriate.

The similarity of the dress fabrics however lends credence to there being some relationship between the two ladies and I think they might indeed be the two sisters, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor, Eva being the elder one. I think their birth dates would be 1930 or earlier since Zsa Zsa is considerably older than Elizabeth Taylor who just died at the age of 79. These ladies may also have been the forerunners of the Hungarian Revolution of approx. 1957 when a lot of refugees came through Gander Airport; I was either working in the Terminal on the RAF side at that time or volunteering with the Red Cross.

As for Bobby, I can't seem to recall a name although he looks vaguely familiar to me.  The Airport Manager that I recall had the surname 'James' and had a daughter younger than I, Connie. Most likely he was the manager of the airline they were travelling on, at that time, e.g. TWA, PanAm, BOAC, Lufthansa, etc.

Thanks for the interesting photo recognition/memory challenge.
Doris (Moss) Cowley, GA Class of 1956

I agree with the person who identified the women as the Gabor sisters.
Patricia Dempsey Hiscock, GA Class of 1956

Faye:  I remember Wee Bobby, but can't say what happened to him.  He was one of the memorable people in town, but was long gone from CBG when I worked there in 1964. He might have moved on to St. John's, where most CBC types went.  As for the ladies, my knee-jerk guess was Marilyn Monroe on the left, but I doubt if Wee Bobby or any other locals would have been putting their arms around Marilyn Monroe!
Brian Goff, SJ

Hi Faye - Rec'd this from a friend here in Ottawa….Wee Bobby Clark was a friend of my father's in Gander - remember hearing he died fairly young of a heart attack way back when we first moved to Ottawa - probably in the early 60's. I used to know his daughter Georgina in Gander - so she would be about our age - wonder if anyone knows anything about her?   
Gerri Fitzgerald Nimmo, SJ Class of 1959

Wee Bobby had two daughters; Georgina, Caroline and son young Bobby. Wee Bobby was married to Mary who came from Grand Falls. Wee Bobby & Mary are both deceased after returning to Ont. My wife Val states that it is Gabor in the pic. 
Wee Bobby Clarke worked at CBG during 1952/53 while I  was in Gander and Phel Heath worked at CBG at the same time. She was living in Moncton in 1962 when I was stationed there. I do not know anything further about Wee Bobby. He is standing on the Air side of hanger 21 so I would say it was a couple of celebs passing through. It was a very interesting time in Gander in those years.  It could be Joan Rivers and her daughter. They both shopped at the same store by the look of their garb.
I was with the RCMP.  Stationed in Gander early ‘50's.early ‘70's then back in ‘78 and retired here in ’91.
Joe  and Val McGuire

OK, I will agree the ladies could be Eva Gabor and her mother Jolie Gabor. Check out the attached pictures and tell me what you think.
Bob McKinnon, SJ Class of 1961

Special thanks also to Linda Small Administrative Assistant, Dept. of Economic & Social Development, Dept. of Municipal Works and Services, Town of Gander.


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