Aug 5, 2006

Well, I guess our conversation about what we wore, sparked a few more memories, which I will share with you. Remember the door is always open and we welcome chit-chat on any topic of interest, re Gander days and our growing up there. So here are a few comments that have trickled in. I’m hoping that you will all get on the bandwagon here and share your thoughts and ramblings. Email me at the address below, and Jack will help us get it posted. Thanks, Faye Lewis Raynard


Re your conversations on clothes of the 1950s: “I also had white bucks and saddle shoes. And I loved those nylon dresses and blouses that came into style when we were much younger--9 & 10 yrs old, I guess. I haven't gotten over that period yet! I still love chiffon clothes. I guess they don't make them in nylon anymore. I also had a crinoline and it made me look sooooo fat....

Liz Bursey

- Liz Bursey Lyons, Class of 1960.


I do remember those see-through nylon blouses. I had one in 7th grade with ruffles in front (you wore a full slip under). Talk about sweat in that thing when it got warm. But I just thought I looked like the cat's meow. You are right about those crinolines. They did make us look round and roly-poly.

I remember starching my crinoline with sugar and water in the kitchen sink and then taking it out across the kitchen floor that my mom had just scrubbed. Sugar-water dripping across and out the door. I couldn't understand why Mom got so riled up with me, but walking around with shoes sticking to the floor convinced me that probably she was right to be so miffed. Anyway, the important thing was to look good and of course we thought we did! When my crinoline finally dried on the clothesline, it was coated with little flies that got on the 'sugar coated starch'. What a mess. Funny how just talking about one thing reminds you of another.

Did anyone wear lumbermen's rubbers as a kid? They were sort of the cut off LL Bean boots that came into fashion (re-invented) a few years ago.

Michal Miller

- Faye Lewis Raynard, Class of 1959


Oh and what about those itchy long stockings we used to have to wear when we were little. We wore a 'garter belt ' or some such thing (long before panty hose were invented). We kept the stockings up with a device called a 'weskett” which was like a little vest with long suspenders. Did any of you wear such get-ups? And those stockings, had ribs in them and itched like crazy, esp. if you got your feet wet around the ankles while wearing leaky boots? My girlfriend hated her stockings too—generally some shade of brown only, and her mother used to convince her that they were "Princess Anne" stockings, just so she would wear them and not complain. Can you believe what we used to go through?

Audrey Mingo 1955

-Faye again.


Good Morning Faye, Sorry for the delay in responding. The story behind the beanie, my lovely BEANIE! There is no real story. The beanies were ordered through the school in the early 50's, maybe 1951.Before we became HMA. They were in the school colours, red white and blue with the letters G.A.S. on the front. They were an optional part of the school uniform and usually worn at all extra curricular activities.

Do you remember the school uniform, navy blazer, white shirt blouse, black tie, navy tunic, usually worn six inches above the knee, black shoes and stockings.

One Friday afternoon when I was in grade eleven I was going to stick pins in the bowling alley across the street after school so I decided not to wear my school uniform, just my beanie! One of my teachers passed me in the corridor, looked at me but didn't speak, he went to the grade ten classroom and said,"I just saw Winn Roebothan on Prefect duty in the corridor, she was wearing an old pair of jeans, looked like she was goin' on flake or in the stage"! How times have changed!!!

- Winnie Roebothan, class of 1953.


So Jack (Pinsent), what was the cowboy outfit you wrote about earlier--a Roy Rogers or a Gene Autry one? Bet it came out of the Simpson's or Eaton's catalogue. I used to admire them in there, but never had a (Dale Evans’) version. Did you have the guns and holsters to go with? I know my brother got a set of those one Xmas and spent hours and hours on the 'quick draw' routine.

- Faye


Oh yea. I had the guns, spurs, the whole thing. Don't know where it came from but more than likely from one of the mail order places.

- Jack Pinsent, Class of 1960


So what about those school dances, and how many remember them?

You revitalized my memory banks. Dave Naish was a one of you Air Force kids who arrived in Gander in 1958. He also came with his electric guitar. He entertained us with his renditions of various rock & roll singers at our first sock hops in the new school. There was one singer that he imitated and sang his songs, I can’t think of it right now. Everyone went wild over. Well, the girls did. I think it was Ricky Nelson. Gwen (Greene) Boyd would know I bet. His high school sweet heart was Effie Osmond.

Another guy, Gene Simms would also do a few songs at the hop. He was more of a crooner. Pat Boone stuff. Gene and Dave would do a few songs together when we got tired of Buddy Holley and Elvis, or wore out the needle on the old 45 record player.

Jim Butler & Joy Mercer

Jack Pinsent, Class of 1960

I guess it is time that I got back to you for some of these emails. I just don’t seem to have the time because I travel from here in Whitby to Port Elgin ( a three and one half hour drive one way ) and work up there and then travel back to Whitby on Thursday evening.

You asked me about the dances. I wasn't much of a dancer when I lived in Gander. I only started dancing when I was in the air force and I remember the song was ‘Roses are Red My Love’.. After I found how much fun it was I just danced my young life away. I'm still sentimental about all of the old songs. Just before I left for the air force I used to date Edna Burry (Carter now). But alas she left me for another man. The other man is the guy she married several years later. (Bruce Carter).

- Ross Patey, Class of 1959


Looking forward to hearing from you: Next topic? Nicknames, and people who I remember fondly from my growing up years in Gander