Dec 12

Mystery photo time

Photo courtesy of Rick Stead, a realtor with

Rick tells us he does not know who sent him this photo but he would like to be able to identify who the workers are pictured here in this Telegraph Office picture. During a walk last fall, Rick said he met a Father Barker who was also out for a walk on the 'army side'. Father Barker said he had worked at the office in the 50s.

"He said he would drop by my office to help identify the workers, but that didn't happen," said Stead.

Maybe some of our people can help ID these workers.


On the second one, the little girl on the right with the two other kids looks so familiar to me (as compared to photos that you have run from others). She looks a little to me like SR. Betty Quinlan as a little kid--I'll bet somebody will recognize them too. That little kid from Norway had quite a few pics on Stead's website, but I chose that one because it had others that he would like to identify. Dontcha just love mysteries?

Please forward your suggestions/answers to or to Faye :



thanks folks.