Jan 12, 2011



Awhile ago we asked for responses to the identification of “time, people, place” in the above photos. Both were run with permission of Rick Stead who has them posted on his Ganderhomes webpage.


There seemed to be much discussion generated by the photos but we aren’t exactly sure that any of it is accurate or ‘spot on’. You be the judge. And feel free to send additional comments or identification to

Faye Lewis Raynard, GA Class of 1959, email:  brfr1@verizon.net


Eileen Keiley Stack, SJ Class of 1956      had this to say:

 Re. old photos....The little Norweigan guy with the Chafe Girls was a Tom Rosenblad.  His Mom & Dad - Berit & Leif lived here on the old Canadian Side......Pics taken of that era...named Kevin Joy & Himself (Rosenblad)  and as far as I can gather they were involved in communications...

The other was also taken in that same era or at least is shown with the pics of the Rosenblads' Maybe they could be Lief & Kevin in that Telegraph Booth....Maybe if you have some connections with Eileen (Chafe) Elms she will enlighten you more...Let me know how you do with the indentification.  Should I learn more I will let you know.


From Jim Strong, GA Class of 1959:

The post office shot looks familiar but I do not know the names of the men in it.

The second photo is not of the Chafe children, in my opinion. I do not remember any houses in Gander during the 40's that had that type of clapboard. We lived on Chestnut and the siding on those building was not like that (to my memory).

I think that Eileen Chafe (now Elms) is likely the best contact to answer you question.


Clarence Lehr, GA Class of 1959, sees someone familiar:

 In the photo of the kids, the one on the left reminds me of JACK RIDEOUT.


Jim Butler, GA Class of 1959 posted his thoughts:

Now, down to business. I can't identify who is in the picture, but it looks like the Pst and Telegraphs booth that was  at the far end of the old terminal building (it was seen in a photo Bob Pelley posted a while ago). My brother used to work with them as a messager; not sure if he could identlfy them, but I'll see if I can get a copy of the photo for him to see. I may get back to you on that.


At first glance, Jack Pinsent had this to say:

 I know those guys in the pic but I can't call them by name. How do I know them? Well one of the workers in the PO at the time was a fellow by the name of Clary Vincent from Musgrave Hr. He was a from the family that Fosse came to the rescue during the war if you read the write up from Frank Tibbo. Because Musgrave Hr. is just a stones throw from Ladle Cove, when Clary (Clarence) came to Gander he asked my mother if he could stay at our house. And he did, my mother was a softy. He was only 19 or 20 and so were most of the guys at the PO. Guess where they hung out? At our house.

There was Ed Baily, a fellow Perry (I forget his first name), Father Barker (he became a priest later), Shir Butler (Jim's older brother but he worked at CNT) and a few more fellows whose names just slip my mind. Sometimes it was mayhem at our place when dad had a brew of beer on. I can still remember the laughter.

I knew Father Barker as Kevin. I met him about 15 years ago for the first time since he went into the priesthood. He remembered me as a little boy and asked about my parents who were then both still alive. It sure was strange calling him Father and I told him so. He said "you can still call me Kevin".

NOTE: As Jack was getting ready to publish those mystery photos on the website, he did a closer evaluation of the photo with the two guys in the booth:

 Jack adds: “I was putting together your mystery photo column when I read the sign above the glass wicket. This was pre confederation because it says "Newfoundland" not "Canada" so those guys weren't around then (the era he talked about above). You are going to have to disregard my comments I'm afraid, but you can note that it is pre confederation and the post office was located in the old Administration Building or the CNT building down by Goodyear’s Hardware.

Again, sorry about that.


(Don’t apologize Jack…it is all interesting information, and all brought about by discussion of photos for which we still could use further details…)


Note to all: Thanks so much for taking time to comment on these and any other photos that are sent for submission to our webpage…they just help to keep us connected and often bring back many memories (sometimes having nothing to do with the photos themselves). So, send along copies of any that you have of people that you may or may not know and hopefully it will prompt others to do so.

Special thanks to Rick Stead for sharing his photos with us. FLR.