March 2, 2010

Congratulations Canada on the Olympic Gold medals won and for staging a very impressive ‘2010 Winter Games’. That being said, who could forget the exciting hockey games at this year’s Olympics.  And, again,  our own Don Carter is timely with his hockey memories which are tied to Gander. I hope you saw Don’s first hockey contribution to our site, recently posted under Past Reflections. Before we move on, we got this response from Don’s piece on the Boston Bruins coming to play in Gander:



Please tell Don Carter that's a priceless piece of work. Wish I had kept those autographs! Interesting that Hal Laycoe was in the line up. He was the key figure (besides Rocket Richard) who was involved in the fight in '55 that caused the Montreal riots. It was a game between Montreal and Boston. Laycoe hit the Rocket in the face with his stick. That's another story.

Great piece of work by Don Carter.

Angus Taylor, GA Class of 1962


Yes, I saw that piece by Don.  It was really something for us kids at the time. I never kept any programs either. But that rink was cold, really cold. Maybe someone could remind me who it was that got their tongue stuck to the metal beam one time.

Morley Smith, GA Class of 1959


Here is another Gander hockey memory shared by Don:


Faye, this is another great hockey keeper that I have.  I'm not sure of the year (late 50's or early 60's). I got this autograph from the star of the Montreal Canadian hockey team   "Maurice the Rocket Richard" when he made a visit to Gander Academy and addressed the students at an assembly.

No I was not a Boston fan but  always enjoyed watching the Bruins and I did get to see Bobby Orr play in Montreal. He was always one of my favourites. My team is and always was the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mom bought me a Maple Leaf jersey when I was quite young and that was it, a Leaf for ever! Go Leafs Go.   

On another note, last year I entered our hockey team of oldtimers (The Cole Harbour Hot Wings) in a TSN contest called Bring Home the Cup and we were one of 10 finalists from across Canada.  We came close but did not get to have the Stanley Cup delivered to my home by hockey star Mark Messier.  We had to settle for the $500.00 prize.  We sure did have a lot of fun with this contest and created a lot of interest in this area.  Cole Harbour didn't lose as Sidney Crosby did bring the Stanley Cup to Cole Harbour. 

Don Carter, GA Class of 1964


This visit, were are going to do some housekeeping and tie up some loose ends here…


The mystery photo posted last time drew a couple of responses…



The chap in the photo has got to be Frank Hopkins. But I don't ever remember meeting him... So how did I know? I moved my mouse pointer over the photo held it down for a few seconds and dragged the photo to my screen. The name then came up, saying frank-hopkins.jpg.

Then, to make sure, I went to the page where it says "View" and scrolled

down to where it says "Page source".  I then opened that and read all the

html computer code and found it again. Sneaky eh!

So in case you meet up with other guys like me with a spy temperament, you shouldn't  name your photo with what they really  are. You'll have to be spy yourself and use a code to identify the photo!

BTW I see you got a great response to the Newfie sayings (last time on Faye’s Place).  Sock it to 'em baby!

Robert G. Pelley, GA Class of 1962


Computer lesson learned. Never try to outwit that Pelley critter!!

Faye Lewis Raynard, GA Class of 1959


Faye: Looks like a picture of Frank Hopkins (GA Class of 1959). I'd like to say I could recognize him, but that photo was circulated when we were planning the reunion in 2005.

Jim Butler, GA Class of 1959


Alright already…one guy a computer whiz and another with a memory like an elephant. Thanks guys, you are good sports and had to ’fess up how you came by the correct answers. Honest as the day is long, those boys.

Faye (nevermind you know what class I was in).


And more catchup here:


Hi everyone. Just back from Florida so I'm a bit late participating in this conversation. A saying/word that I get a kick out of is "barmp" as in "barmp your horn" which my wife says if we are waiting impatiently in the car for someone to come out of the house.

Robert Newhook, GA Class of  1962


Hi All, I just back from a local neighbourhood get together and there were a couple of Newfoundlanders there. We got talking of this and that and I told them about our web site and many of the topics we had discussed.

They brought up games called.  Spin the Bottle, Cubby and …well, I have forgotten the other one - no doubt it will resurface at some point. They also talked about a game with knives where you had to do various body motions and it was not familiar to me either. Ring any bells with you?

Spin the Bottle I remember, but have not heard of Cubby.
Nothing like a good party.

Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of 1960


Thanks everyone. Remember keep up the comments, everything said always sparks more memories from others. Next topic I hope will be on Co-op Housing in Gander. Also working on a new topic called ‘hand-me-downs’. Can you remember those clothes we passed down from older siblings or cousins, things that meant so much or perhaps didn’t? I know the Girl Scout uniform I purchased, had been worn by several others, and there were a couple of hemlines that never really got pressed out. Nevertheless, I was proud to have it. Or how about those garments that were recycled from something else? Or maybe it was a toy that finally got passed down and earned your respect. Or how about a brother or sister leaving home and passing along those ‘things of their childhood days’? Everyone has a story along those lines….tell us yours. I seem to remember Eric Smith saying something about a record player that got plenty of use after he left home…just send along your comments to me at and we’ll get it posted soon.  Much Appreciated!