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Mar 04/11

Thanks everyone for the back and forth discussion of objects from our past. I think Michal Millar Crowe (GA Class of 1960) was the winner on this one Here are the two photos again…the conversation went something like this:


Photo 1


Photo 2

Hey, I recognize Dave Naish's (GA Class of 1960) hand in Photo No. 1 holding a bodhran beater and Photo No. 2 has Schick razor blades, a thimble, a pin of some kind (Royal 22nd Regt perhaps), and some sort of a drum beater.
- Bob McKinnon, SJ Class of 1961

I'm exempting myself on this...spent too much time chatting with that
music-man Mckinnon about such animals!!  
- Robert Pelley, GA Class of 1962 

Photo 1: looks like an Irish Bodhran tipper used to play the Irish hand drum
Photo 2: looks like a Maracas (Shakers) used in the Calypso music, Schick razor blades, thimble and a BoyScout woggle..
- Jane Dempsey Donnelly, GA Class of 1959

I agree with Jane that the first looks like a small Irish drum stick and the second looks like a Maracas (rumba shaker) although it probably has something to do with shaving, i.e. Schick??
- Geraldine Fitzgerald Nimmo, SJ Class of 1959

Hi Gerri, the second photo is a darning egg.  ( I have two of them in my sewing table, one from my mother and one from my grandmother).
Not that any of us darn any more.  But we had to for Guides - and that was it folks, now we just throw the sock away and get some new ones.  To heck with it.  Sort of like making donuts.  Just run out to Timmy’s and buy them.
- Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of 1960

Yup it could be a darning tool, I have used one in the past.
- Jane

Thanks Michal - I hadn't heard of darning eggs - I used to use small wooden hoops for darning - was beginning to think the second one resembled a pestle for grinding spices, etc.
- Geraldine Nimmo, SJ Class of 1960

In the background: (1)Is not schick a razor company? (2) is that a blue plastic dice tumbler? (3) what is a Scout pin doing there?
-Clarence Dewling, GA Teacher circa 1957  

Photo 1: Is probably the drum stick for that Irish drum (is it called a Bouzouki)?
 Photo 2: I recognized the Boy Scout lapel pin; the packet of razor blades for the old safety razor; and the thimble. The other thing in the photo I did not recognize, but I'll vote with Michel on the "darn" thing. Whenever I saw Mom darn socks, the sock was stretched on over her left hand while she stiched up the hole with the right hand. However it was done we got a few more miles out of the old socks.
- Jim Butler, GA Class of 1959 
Faye: Did you tell Jim that the stick was actually a bodhran beater and not a Bouzouki which is a stringed instrument like a lute.?
Bob McKinnon.

I actually had no idea what photo 1 was. I could only guess that it was something to do with a drum.  Thanks to Dave Naish for sharing that photo. And to Clarence Dewling’s question, that other stuff I came across in my sewing box. I remember my mother using the wooden object for darning socks but did not know it was called a wooden ‘egg’. My mother would darn socks, but I remember my grandmother unraveling the woolen socks that the men wore fishing and knitting whole new feet onto the ‘perfectly good’ cuffs.
- Faye Lewis Raynard, GA Class of 1959

Photo 1: MINATURE drum stick? An instrument for some kind of music?    
Photo 2.  Schick single razor blades; thimble; Girl Guide or Scout pin; masher for food?
-Audrey Mingo Grantham, GA Class of 1958


Still clever people I might add.  I think I threw people off on the sock darner by including the other stuff in the same photo....hey this was fun and could catch on...
Do any of you have similar objects that you treasure that could be used as future mystery photos? Could be picture of people, places or objects from our growing up years. Try to stump us. Send along a jpg photo to me at and we’ll get another round going. Many thanks all for bailing me out on this one. Appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.


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