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Mar 9, 2012

Another mystery photo folks to bring back memories of ‘going to the pond to skate’…This photo was taken by Neil Bishop’s dad, Cecil Bishop, who was an amateur photographer in early Gander.  Feel free to send along any ideas of who these people skating on the pond might be and we can add them to the background of this photo. So far we have some initial comments here…


Photo by C.D. Bishop


Love the photos, especially the boots on the shore of the lake.  I used to have a pair of the ones with the fur around the top and thought they were pretty snazzy.
Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of 1960

I certainly remember these areas...Deadman's Pond, our favorite skating place and a great summer spot.  especially near Lush's Log Cabin .. That would be farther to the right   Anyone have any photos of that?   Have a great day...bring on the pics....
Eileen Kieley  Stack,  1956-57

Yes, I agree. It's skating off the point at Deadman's Pond. No doubt.
Bob McKinnon, SJ Class of 1961

Fabulous….Skating and playing hockey on Deadmans Pond.  From the car I would think this was very early 50s, especially as later on, we spent more time in the arenas on Foss Ave on the Cdn side near HMA and the one on Power St on the Air Force side.

Love the boots on the ground – no need for heated shacks!  And a few came on bike!
Bob Pelley, GA Class of 1962

This would be Deadman's Pond I believe.
Angus Taylor, GA Class of 1963

OMG, they look like photos' from the 30's, but actually from our era!  Very nice.   (Don't know the people tho)
Audrey Mingo Grantham, GA Class of 1958

I remember the dirt road that used to go out into the pond.
Dennis Pritchett, GA Class of 1963

The skater on the left (facing) holding the little girl's hand looks very much like a friend I used to know way back when - Betty Power (St. Joseph's) - she moved with her family to Bay Bulls around 1957-58.  Anyone remember her?   
Geraldine Nimmo, SJ Class of 1959

I do recall Betty Power in the picture skating but was that Dead Man's Pond or Twin Pond's?
Carmel LeMay, SJ

The skating picture was taken down at Deadman's Pond - I'd hazard a guess that it was very early 50's or even late 40's - that car parked there is a late 40's Chev, I think.  
Ron Mosher, GA Class of 1959

Wonderful observations, Ron. I recall skating at Deadman's Pond.
Marion Pardy, GA Class of 1958.

Thanks everyone.  Any additional comments on this photo you can contact me, Faye Lewis Raynard, GA Class of 1959



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