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Mar 18, 2011

 OK folks there are a couple of things going on here with this visit…first I posed the question about “keepsakes”…triggered by my own fondness for this personal item:


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Q: When you were growing up, what was one of your most prized possessions?  (Surely more of you have keepsakes from your childhood that you would hate to part with).
         For me, it would be the little sewing box that had my name on the covers. It was a gift from and was sent to me from a lady on the Isle of Wight where my dad was billeted during the war. Mrs. Shackleton kept in touch with us for years, sending us Christmas gifts up until she died in the mid 1960s. Our family always referred to her as ‘Auntie Shack’.
         During the war when many letters from servicemen  were censored, she was able to correspond quite freely with my mother. She gave the family a lot of comfort by sharing personal messages of hope and where my father was at certain times. 
         I still use the sewing box today.
         We would still like to hear about your prized possessions, saved from those early days in Gander (pictures are welcome too)

-Faye Lewis Raynard,GA Class of 1959

         Hi Faye: One of my 'treasures' from long ago is a Japanese fan, turqoise and off-white in color and delicately folded into its narrow box. It was given to me by a Japanese student who may have been an
assistant in Physiology lab at MUN, Parade Street campus, long ago when I was an undergrad Biology major. I had no idea why he had done that but I remember thinking it was such a nice thing to do.
         Another of my treasures from the mid-fifties is from Gander Airport where I was invited to tour the cockpit of the first Russian ?jet to land there The pilot gave me a postcard collection which folded up into pictures of Moscow (Mokba). I've since travelled as far as St. Petersburg, but never as far as Moscow but I still have the collection among my 'treasures'.
         I have my mother's pictures of Gander days which I treasure, of course, and I have already shared them with the Reunion group along with many good memories.
         If I think of more I'll pass it on.

-Doris (Moss) CowleyGA Class of 1956


This photo submittal is from Don Carter, GC Class of 1967 . He needs help with identification…

pic 1


Here is what Don already kows about the photo:

“It belonged to my dad who at that time worked with AA, American Airlines at Gander.  The only markings on the picture are ‘Bobby’ referring to the gentleman in the middle, ‘also the letters mgr’ which I think means manager.  On the back is written the year 1947.  I believe the gentleman was known as ‘Wee Bobby Clark’ who worked at Gander. I have no idea who the ladies are, but my guess is that they were movie stars.  And, yes, let's have some fun and you never know, someone out there may be able to identify them or remember something about the picture.”

- Don Carter, GC Class of 1967.


Please forward your answers to me at
Many thanks, Faye Raynard, GA Class of 1959


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