May 6

Hi Gang: It’s been awhile, and not many were participating on the website in April. We have to do something about that. Time to start beating the bushes here. I’ve got some bits and pieces of chitchat to add. We’ll start with this from Clarence Lehr, in response to the Gander Air Cadet photo that we were trying to figure out who is who. (Hey maybe the webster will post the photo here as a memory refresher. So Clarence what have you got to say?



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“I am having some difficulty dealing with fact or imagination when it comes to the Gander Air Cadet 537 Squadron. I urge you to talk to Dave Hanrahan. He went through the ranks and became one the officers.

“I know for sure that the training I received as a member of 537 Squadron was a tremendous help to me as I performed my duties for 32 years as a law enforcement officer.

“Of course, the highlights of my air cadet career were going to Greenwood, NS and Camp Borden, ON. One other highlight that comes to mind was when we won the trophy for the best air cadet squadron for the Island.

“Also, I progressed through the ranks and ended up as the Squadron Warrant Officer before I left because of age restrictions. It was a very enjoyable four years.

“I had the deepest respect for the Officers; Doug Palmer (Commanding Officer), Bill Learning, Sandy Millar and Carl Carleson were tremendous people and had the skills and motivation needed to guide us as we became more involved in the air cadet program, and made us into mature young men.

“Faye, if your goal is to obtain in depth information on the Gander Air Cadets, I urge you to write to Dave Hanrahan. Shirley and I are off on a 58-day trip, starting in Seattle, WA and traveling by train to New York City, cruising to Bermuda, then to the Mediterranean and ending up in Rome. Then we fly to London and take a coach tour around England and Scotland. We fly into Toronto and spend two weeks in the Toronto-Ottawa area. Then we take the train from Buffalo, NY to Everett, WA. We have been looking forward to this trip for some time.

“Then, when I get home it is time for my summer passion... fly fishing!”

Take care, Young Lady,

-          Clarence Lehr, Class of 1959


Clarence, I wrote to Dave Hanrahan in Gander and sent him some pictures (snail mail), but haven’t heard anything back. Hopefully, someone will urge him to tell us some more about Air Cadet Days. Would also like to hear from any others in this photo who remember their days of air cadet training. Obviously, by the numbers there, it certainly was ‘the place to be’ at the time.

-          Faye Lewis Raynard Class of 1959


And this from Angus Taylor, out in B.C. who I keep hounding about adding his memories to this corner of the website.


Hi All: Still catching up on mail.....I just visited Scotland to spend time with some relatives in the Outer Hebrides and also a few days in Edinburgh. I try and make it a point of going each year. It's a great place although the weather during winter can be wild and wooly. My mother was from there--in fact both my older brother Will and I were born there.

I 'm always busy working at something everyday and get paid for nothing,  so I think that means retirement. I still play hockey twice a week (still trying to pretend I'm young) for the fun of it.

Faye, It was me at the reunion who won your basket of goodies...I was the one who made it look like I won a  million $. No point in being blasé about anything in life.

Bob Pelley is right about the monkeys...I couldn't remember whether or not it was Flying Tiger Lines (they came to Gander on) but I remember going aboard when they were being transported. Remember the smell as well.

Getting some feed back on my little's great to keep the memories alive.


-          Angus Taylor, Class of 1962


Wow! Did you read Jack's latest addition to the Flight? It sure brought back a lot of memories for me because we spent most of our free time at Gander Gardens during the winter, playing hockey, watching games, and general skating. If you saw a girl you liked at skating, you would ask her, "would you like to skate", and if she agreed, you took her hand and you skated around for a few laps. A lot of romances started there. Some guys are still married to the little girls they met there.

For hockey games the place was usually packed and, as Jack suggested, you couldn't even get standing room at the ends of the arena. If you were a little kid you couldn't see anyway because there would be too many adults standing in front of you. Usually you couldn't get through the standing area to get to the bleachers on the opposite side. We would usually stand against the wall at the top of the bleachers. We were further away but at least we could see. And I forgot about the bowling alley where we spent a lot of time setting up pins for the bowlers. It was a very interesting read.

-          Bob McKinnon, St. Joseph’s Class of 1961


OK people: I've thought this one might be fun as a column idea. We never know until somebody starts to share those innermost thoughts of long ago Gander.

 How about this topic:

 "I've saved this (item) since I was a kid, and I don't know why. What piece of old Gander childhood do you still have (or wish you had in your possession)? Perhaps you have been in an 'amtique' shop and seen one just like it and wish you'd saved it because today it is really worth something...

Remember those 'Big Little Books' that you threw away, or that treasured comic book that you should have saved? . Or perhaps it is just some old picture that hung on the wall. Maybe an article of clothing. Whatever.,,, What is it about this piece that sparks so many memories for you? Maybe you still keep it and wonder why? And then, perhaps you have a picture of it that you could send along as a jpg and we could include in the column on Faye's Place.

 So that my friends is my next search for a column idea.

The well  is getting dry again here. Come’on people give it up…we need copy to keep the troops amused. They say that is good for what ails us. FR.