May 4

 Hi to all of you potential reunion attendees of the August 20-22, 2010  gathering planned in Gander.  The Reunion Planning Committee is meeting often and working hard on our behalf. They hope to see people getting in their registration soon. As you know, the  numbers of attendees dictates what can be planned, seating capacity and so much more...  Look on the Main Page of this website and click on the red “reunion button” for all of the information on registration, hotels, events, and those who have registered so far.

The answer to the photo that was inserted in the last edition "When & Where" is the Skyline Curling Club at the RCAF base. A little hint, the name was on the building


Now In the ‘Mystery Photos’ category, here are some pics of ‘kids’ you may remember…they went to school with us,






…any guesses of who might be? Please send your response to


Now for a little dose of summer fun…How many of you remember those family picnics we all took when growing up? Audrey Mingo Grantham’s family were  great ‘picnicers’… see below…


Photo #1:  Definitely St John's area, Dad thinks maybe Logy Bay; from left - My uncle Earl Holt, Donna Mingo, Faye Mingo; Julia Mingo, ??? man standing; Dad lighting up his cigs, and Audrey.  This would be about 1953.  Big picnic spread out on the grass. And we all wore dresses

Photo # 2: is probably taken in PEI because I see the Mitchell family there with their sons, and Dad with his daughters.  From left - Dad, Julia, Faye sitting, Audrey, Peter Mitchell, Donna Mingo with back to photo, black short hair, then Joyce, and the rest are the Mitchells.

Photo #3: Mingo sisters - Fishing at a stream outside New Glasgow, NS.  Photo is dark.  Taken sometime around 1951. I am the one fishing; Dad is getting a pole (a tree limb) line ready for the next person, Joyce is just behind him, Donna is taking off her coat, Julia is in front of Joyce and Donna, and Faye is the little one.  As you can see, we have our Sunday dresses on,

Photo #4: would be outside New Glasgow, about 1948, that is me to the very far right, and Dad is taking the picnic out of the famous picnic box, and Donna is looking on.


              Audrey Mingo Grantham, GA Class of 1958


And now that spring is here and the ‘Boys of Summer’ are back in play, take a glance at this special photo from Don Carter.

This is a picture of Gander Baseball  Pony League Winners of 1960.
Shown displaying the Tuma Trophy are members of the 1960 Pony League winners the Dodgers.  Front row left to right are Capt. F. O'Donnell and catcher E.P. Henley Jr.
Sitting left to right: Gerard McCarthy, Terry Crane, Leo Kane, Jim Kane, Don Carter, Barry Clouter, Billy Ivany
Back row: Henry Norris, Bob Warren, Jim Bartlett, and J. Russell.

Don Carter, Gander Colligate


Photos speak a thousand words. That is why facebook is so popular with many. Why not share your special Gander photos here? We’d love it. So would all of our classmates?  Just forward them on to me, Faye Lewis Raynard at brfr1@verizonnet as jpg attachments and we’ll get them posted with the help of our webmaster . Thanks everyone. See you at the reunion.

Next time we are going to talk about retirement…what’s your secret? What do you do in life these days and how much do you enjoy it? Got any recommendations for others? Please send comments to me at