November 1, 2006


My question about hockey rinks and games in Gander brought out this memory from Ross Patey. Not sure if it’s about hockey or a pig, but it’s fun anyway…

Faye Lewis

Class of 1959


I just finished reading the story from me that you sent to Jack. Well here is another one that happened years ago and my brother and I were talking about it when we were in Gander for the reunion.

The big thing years ago were the hockey games between gander and Grand Falls and while we lived in Lewisporte we used to travel to the Hockey games when we could. One afternoon we were on our way and you had to pass through Bishop Falls at the time, so my father was doing his usual speeding as usual at around 20 MPH again when this little pig ran up onto the road.

My father couldn’t stop in time so he ran over the pig and panic ensued in the car. He pulled over to the side of the road and we got out to see if the pig was still under the car. We looked everywhere but couldn't find the pig.

This was great because we knew the pig had escaped so we all piled back into the car and away we went again. we hadn't gone 30 feet when we hit a bump and heard this pig squealing again so dad stopped immediately and we climbed out to look again thinking that the pig was maybe caught in the drive shaft or something. Still couldn't find it so we thought that maybe it was another pig by the side of the road or something.

Back into the car and started to drive away when we heard the pig again so we thought this is crazy. We got out and my brother was looking under the front of the car and he just happened to look up and lo and behold there was the pig. He was stuck in the fender above the front wheel and when we moved the car or hit a bump the wheel would hit the poor pigs belly and he would squeal. We finally got him down from there and he couldn’t have been hurt too bad because he took off like mad. I guess he was happy to be away from that tire.

In any case it was serious at the time but we have had quite a few laughs since then.

Ross Patey

Class of 1959


One cannot think of hockey, skating, the canteen, the rinks, without thinking of Jennie Lehr, her fun loving ways and her friendly approach to everyone, literally everyone! She was a wonderful woman.
Marion Pardy,

Class of 1958.


My mother worked selling tickets for years at the three rinks - for over 30 seasons. She was well known to all Ganderites and used to mend the hockey shirts for the Gander team in the early years. I will continue to look at the website and hopefully can add to it but my time is short at this particular time. 

Mom's name was Jennie Lehr. We lived on 25 Alcock Crescent just down from your home. I buddied around with Donna and I believe Julia (Mingo) was in my class. I do have some old pictures of my schoolmates and if I can dig them out I will email them to you.  I have alot of happy memories about the rink, skating, etc., and its nice to share them again.
Rowena Lehr Goodman

Class of 1961


The greatest Hockey game can remember is when the Flyers won the Trophy. I think I was the greatest player ever, ha ha but I really enjoyed watching John Murphy.

The country in Newfoundland this time of the year is just unreal. Sunny days and colors so incredible.

We have been in the woods for most of the fall so I missed your mail.


Speaking of nicknames, ‘Bucky” (my nickname in high school): Comes from the first White Buck shoes that I introduced to the crowd. Thus the name Bucky (I THINK) I lived on the Army Side Gander, It stands out in my mind playin’ under the street lights and fishing at the local ponds for trout.

Bill Geange

Class of 1959


You asked about Wes Trainor’s nickname, “Bucko”. Wes ( Bucko ) Trainor's grandfather was nicknamed  " Bucko "  and Wes's older brother started calling Wes "Little Bucko "

That's how Wes received his nickname. I checked internet " Legends of hockey " on Bucko and they have stats on his hockey career , but the report stops in 1956 with the Grand Falls Andcos  , so there is no info on Bucko coaching in Gander.

Morley Smith

Class of 1959


While attending school in New Glasgow, NS., I was given the name peanuts. Now, folks, at that time I was underweight, and short. I did grow up and out. I look back at my jr high class pictures and I didn't even take up all the seat I was assigned for the photo, where most of the girls are much bigger. So the name was appropriate at the time, but of course, I didn't like it.

That is where I got the name peanuts for my email address.

Audrey Grantham

Class of 1958