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Oct 7, 2012

Hi Everyone...Here are two photos that were circulated recently for identification. Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of ’60, submitted the first and the second was sent in by Cliff Powell. Here are the replies we have received to date. After viewing, please feel free to send along any other comments that you have concerning these pictures to me (Faye)

Photo Courtesy: Michal Millar Crowe

Replies were as follows:

On the right is Rex Tilley and his wife?? - the airport manager for Gander at the time – around 1961.
Ron Mosher, GA Class of ‘59

I was working the Sunday afternoon that Yuri Gargrin stopped at Gander on his way to Cuba. I remember seeing him walk in across the main terminal, followed by a crowd of people. Also remember seeing a photo taken by a local photographer that was a great shot. Thanks for posting that photo, Michal.
Jim Butler, GA Class of ‘59

If you go back to the Aug 20, 2010 archives on the web site I think you will see information related to the first photo. It is Yuri Gagarin in the uniform – on the left  is Michal Millar’s dad??
Ron Mosher, GA Class of ‘59

Yuri Gagarin - Gander July 23, 1961
Can't remember this for some reason but did recognize Yuri (obviously) and Rex Tilley in the foto!
Couldn't find much but this article. Link is to Ottawa Citizen from July 24, 1961
NOTE: (Check out this interesting news account from Ottawa).,4574390

Gerard McCarthy, St. Paul’s Class of ‘63

Rex Tilley, Airport Manger is second from right. I have no idea what VOAC is (below).
Barb Godden Brown, GA Class of ‘60.

According to information on the back of Photo 1: Michal says  “my father Sandy Millar is to the left of Yuri, Mayor Rex Tilley is to the right and the person to Rex's right is the Russian translator.” Also written on the back of the photo is the notation by Michal’s mother, that standing behind  is:
“Charlie Prim and Stephanie”.
Michal Millar Crowe, GA Class of ‘60

Photo Courtesy: Cliff Powell

Gerard, Wasn’t that second picture the old Air radio / Signals building?
Ray Morrissey

Yes, old Signals building where many of our fathers worked. Frank Tibbo also refers to it in the book he wrote on Sabena 1946 crash. VOAC was the short wave radio station in YQX. It was used to relay messages from YQM ACC to trans Atlantic aircraft. Fore runner of modern day Aeradio.
Gerard McCarthy, St. Pauls Class of ‘63

VOAC (Gander Air Traffic Control)
Maybe Frank Tibbo would have more info as he mentions VOAC in his book Charlie Baker George about the 1946 Sabena crash.

To quote Frank's book "The Moncton Area Control Centre communicated with aircraft on the North Atlantic through a short-wave radio station in Gander. The code name of the station was VOAC." At that time in 1946 all trans Atlantic traffic was controlled by Moncton.
Sounds like the 1946 early version of Signals (Aeradio). ATC and Aeradio now combined in the 1 NavCan building in Gander.

( Link to Frank's book)

All radio stations in Newfoundland before confederation started with VO (voice of) - VOCM (voice of the common man), VOWR (voice of Wesley radio) and VOAR (voice of Adventist radio) to name the ones that are still on the air.

VONF (voice of Newfoundland) was set up by the government and broadcast a lot of pre-confederation stuff. Now off air of course.
VOAC (voice of ???) and what was VOAC during the war part of Ferry Command?

Many Gander folks worked at Signals ... my father Ned, Jim Dempsey, Gerry Morrisey, Gord Stanley, Abby Knee, my uncles Bill Pearcey and Bob Myrick, Jim Strong, Charlie Blackie, Bill Heath ... just a few names that come to mind.
I stand corrected on any or all of the above.
Gerard McCarthy, St. Paul’s Class of ‘63

VOAC was the building  north of the Army Side, which was also called the Signals Centre. operated by Transport Canada to relay messages overseas, to aircraft, etc. Quite a few people worked there, including my brother and sister-in-law. I don't remember much about the place except it ran 24 hours a day.
Jim Butler, GA Class of ‘59

And this note from Cliff Powell re his photo:

Faye, that’s our cousin Johnny Adams from Bishops Cove, NL. The building is housing the first air traffic control centre and Gander NARTEL  (North Atlantic Radio Telephone) and later became Gander Aeradio, which communicated with aircraft on H F over the North Atlantic ocean.
I guess the picture was taken around 1947-1950, probably by one of our family.
The letters V.O.A.C. means voice of aircraft, the building was situated down the road from our house on the Army Side on Fleet Street.
Cliff Powell, Gander

Thanks everyone for your input on these photos. Another impt. Part of Gander’s history that many have retained in their ‘memory banks’. Keep it up gang. You are all a precious resource here.



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