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Sept 05, 2012

Summer memories still abound, although September is upon us. And Gerard McCarthy has an update for us on Cliff Powell’s photo of the boathouse dock on Gander Lake.  It seems that a lot of Gander folks remember this place that has almost disappeared, as shown in Gerard’s photos at the bottom.

We are so happy when you folks share your memories with us. Please keep it up. On whatever the early Gander topic. (To be posted here  on Faye’s Place just email me at… Jack Pinsent will handle all of the technical details.

So here now, is another fun update for me to hand on to you all from a well known Ganderite and classmate from St. Joseph’s School. Thanks Gerard.


Here again, is Cliff Powell’s photo to refresh your memories.  It was of Cliff and his brother Graham, taken in the early 50s. (We talked more about the photo in two previous visits at Faye’s Place).

Gerard had this to say…

Faye and all:
I remember this dock quite well. Back in the 50's with not many roads most Gander, folks came here constantly. I remember many of us diving off this wharf. The double door building in back was the boat house ... it had (rail) tracks leading to a concrete boat launch to the right of this wharf. The road is what we called “2nd Gander Lake” ... can't remember how you got there before the new townsite ... but traveling east now from Gander, you have the Commonwealth War Graves cemetery on the left and then, just beyond on the right at the end of the 03-21 runway you have the road down to the Arrow Air crash site and this site on Gander Lake. Although most of the flying boats landed in Botwood Harbour, for their technical stops some at times did land here on Gander Lake. If I remember correctly from my father this, wharf was built during the war.

What we called “1st Gander Lake” had a concrete wharf and the water pump house which is still used ... you came down the old Washington Avenue through the American side but we affectionately called it Burner Hill because that's where the dump was and there was always a fire burning the garbage. The road is now closed to traffic but I think you could walk down there through the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest trails ... you can also walk through the THDF trails to the “2nd Gander Lake.”
My mother Elsie and her 3 siblings resided in Gander so every Sunday was a family picnic here on the beach to the left. Robert (brother) & Eleanor Myrick, Frank and Mary (sister) Healy, Bill & Jean (sister) Pearcey and the McCarthys Ned & Elsie came here with the kids for a weekly Sunday outing setting up a fire pit on the beach. Bob, Bill & father worked at Signals (Aeradio) and Frank with the weather office.
There were a number of cabins around at the time but I can't remember who owned them although the names James and Lester come to mind.
         Gerard McCarthy, SJ Class of  1963

Gerard shares his photos of the site these days…


all that's left of the wharf

looking west from the old dock ... many Gander folks spent Sundays here swimming and picnicing on this beach and the next beach beyond the rock

looking back to shore from the old wharf ... if you orientate based on the tree in the middle of the foto ... to the right is the road ... to the left is the boat house ... the concrete boat launch was here below the railing with (rail) tracks leading from the boat house... the road to the TCH, with the Arrow Air site just up the hill about 100 yard.



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