Gander Circus

by  R G Pelley

It seems to me that in early Gander, when we had fun it was stuff we made up ourselves: bonfires, clinging onto cars in the winter, sliding on Co-op hill, playing and crashed airplanes and the like. But  "professional fun" was also available at times, for example when NHL hockey teams or Wilf Carter and family came to Gander Gardens.

Even the circus came to Gander Gardens. In fact the Century All-Star Circus came on Monday 10 June.  Unfortunately the poster didn't say which year itwas. So I looked up all the years since the end of the Second World War whenMonday fell on 10 June. That was in 1946, 1957, 1963, 1974, 1985, in 1991.

 So here's the big question: anybody know when the circus came to town and dothey have any memories of it (or other circuses).