Gander Reunion





Campbell Pritchett

I moved to New York in 1960, where I was employed by BOAC, the forerunner of
British Airways. During a 40-year career, I served in many different positions in Flight
Operations, and Management, finally retiring as Manager Safety North America. I served
in the US Army from 1964 to 1966, including a tour of duty in Vietnam, and returned to
BOAC in January 1966.

I joined the faculty of the State University of New York at Farmingdale in 1970, where
I taught in the Aerospace Technology Program for 14 years. In April 1974 British
Airways appointed me, Manager Flight Operations for the USA, with the task
of helping coordinate flight operational and technical efforts to bring the supersonic
airliner "Concorde" into the United States

I now dedicate my "spare" time to lecturing and teaching. I've lectured at
travel industry forums, universities, government educational programs, and pilot training
seminars since 1970, and have presented over 400 lectures on cruise ships since 1988.

My wife, Annette, and I retired in 1999 and live in Oviedo, Florida, when we're
not cruising!