Class of 1959

Bob Warren*

Mary Osmond*


George Baker*

Faye Lewis*

Bill Geange*

Jim Butler*

Clarence Lehr*

Maisie Power*

Morley Smith*

Jim Clarke*

Liz Morgan*

Garfield Roberts*

Ron Mosher*

Marg Hawkins*

Joyce Noel*

Roy Sceviour*

Gladys Goulding*

Jack Rideout

Louisa Everleigh*

Joy Mercer

Joan Harris

Gary Dyck
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In Grade XI seems like Bob Warren and I sat in the middle of the third row from the window.
I was later moved over to the row by the door in front of Bill Geange because Bob and I talked too much. Seems like Mary Osmond sat behind Bob. I think Beulah Powell sat behind Bill
and it seems that Jack Rideout was the last in that row next to the door. Didn't Frank
Goulding sit in front of Jack? And didn't Clarence Lehr sit across from Frank and Jack?Can anyone remember the time Clarence asked Lebans what Napoleon's second name was?
Bill, can you remember the time you lit the cigarette lighter under my arm that I had draped
over the back of my seat? I can't remember whose class it was in, but I can remember
yelling and jumping almost to the ceiling!
Ron Mosher

The worst part of being an Air Force brat was always the first day walking in mid year to a
new class and everyone just sizing you up to figure out if you were worth getting to know or
not. I never had that feeling for a minute in Gander. It was the best. That's why I am so happy
to be part of a reunion with the greatest bunch of 'kids' that ever happened.
Faye (Lewis) Reynard