Guestbook Helper

Just a brief tip about the Guestbook. It appears as if there is some confusion on trying to log in to the guestbook . In order to make an entry, there is a code provided which must be copied. This code is always different each time you attempt to log on.


You have to type in ' hfv8 ' in the space immediately to the right. Spaces are not required, just the exact figures. If the letters are in capitals, then do the same. Then click the " Add to Guestbook " box. This is necessary to keep Spammers away from this area. Not my idea but it is incorporated into the soft ware. If you have a problem in identifying the letters/numbers, just back out and try again. Every time you try, a new code will appear.
Might be a good idea to "save/copy" your message in case you do have to back out or the code not entered properly .Prevents having to retype.