Photos contributed by Lorraine (Young) Crawford- Class of '63


Cheerleaders and girls basketball team - 1963


The Co-op and theatre with Grimes canteen between




School dance 1963


Derek Cooper, Denny Mullins, Howard Elms and I think Ron Schniederman at Gander Lake


Grand Falls and include Denny Mullins, Doug Bath, Melvin Freake, Kay Bridger and Terry Crane, and Bob Pelley


The Majestics:   John Staple, Dave Foote,  Denny Pritchard, Cal Warren and Howard Elms


Nungesser Ave


Gander Academy


Skating at Twin Ponds


Gander Lake wharf


Xmas party, probably 1963, at the house at 54 Hawker. L-R Juanita Saunders, Bob Pelley, Lorraine Young, Tommy Lannon