Gander Reunion





Michal's Gander photo album

Hanging at school
l to r: Phil Melanson, Gwen Greene, Liz Bursey, Amy ?, Jane Dempsey, Norma Rowsell.
They don't make playgrounds like this anymore


Great excitement in Gander townsite when a bear was killed in our backyard.
Obviously before it was a garden. Alex Miller with the bear, July 1957






At the Hop, l to r: ?,?, Pat Shallow, Jon Newhook, Edith Staples, Laura Fox.
Believe this was a party at Michal Millar's house






Baseball game on commons of new townsite (note Mingo's house and George Baker's house top right).
This was the game where Michal hit a home run, but when she flung the bat it hit a guy on the head and knocked him out.Who was that guy? He was rather annoyed!


Michal and Barb as Ganderettes








Michal at 138 Elizabeth Drive wearing pale blue dress with white collar made by mother of Faye (Lewis) Renaud. That was when we used starch. It was August and my father had bought these black suede pumps for my birthday.Didn't really go with the dress but I did not care as it was my first pair of heels and I thought I looked very smart indeed!



Marilyn Duffet from St. John's, Phil Melanson, Jane Dempsey on banks of the river in Grand Falls on the birthday trip of 1958. Obviously we got the flat tyre fixed.




Marg Hawkins on her back lawn at 134 Elizabeth Drive. Note the difference in the lawn from the photo of Alex with the bear dated 1957 (we were at 138) where there was only bare ground behind the houses.





Alex Miller with newfie trout and our dog Mike






Audrey Mingo Gratham and Michal Millar Crowe at the fair, summer 1957.
Note Audrey's Hunt Memorial Academy crest and Michal's saddle shoes





Beatrice Lester



Fenton Ramsey, Mike Reid -
and Clarence Lehr in that fabulous jacket!









Jane Dempsey, Michal Miller and Liz Bursey. After a big snowfall we tried to walk to the lake but it was too deep.





Jim Simmons and Austen Hiscock






Michal Millar, Liz Bursey hanging out by the abandoned camp near Gandar Lake. Yes, we were skipping school and had a wonderful afternoon together smoking!








Phyl Melanson, Fenton Ramsey, Michal Millar
This was outside my front door and it was my first bike, electric blue and white which I bought second hand with my baby-sitting money
Fenton went to St. Joseph's and his father was a foreman with Eastern Woodworkers who built the Gander townsite.




Michal getting her wings from C/O, June 1959






GOBC 1958



Phyl, Liz and Jane - playground on new townsite commons






Phyl Melanson fishing






Roy Rideout and John Malone - so sweet and it was a great party
(at Tom Austin's?)







Ruth Dwyer and Les Sims have a great dance - not sure where this took place, maybe Mingo's or Millar's. Obviously basements weren't finished as they are today - but lots of room for dancing!







The Klondike Queens - Marcia Bursey, Michal Millar Crowe, Elizabeth Bursey
Lyons, Toronto, Circa 1985. I think we may have been at the Ex








Triumphal arch at entrance to new townsite in honour of Queen's visit.