Ontario Mini-Reunion


G.Pardy, M. Smith, N. Hounsell, L. Pardy, G. Strong, R. Smith, J. Dempsey, Julia Mingo, A. Mingo, F. Lewis, J Butler, J Strong, Liz Bursey



I thank all of you for your friendship and memory sharing we
enjoyed last weekend at the Gander school reunion in Barrie. Special thanks
to Jane and Pat for doing such a wonderful job to make the event a success
and for having the courage to open their home to this group of party people.
Thanks also to Dave for his music and his patience with those of us who just
can't hold a note.  We hope that we may see you in Ottawa in the near future and when we will be able to continue sharing the good memories of "The Crossroads of the World"


 Jim and Glenda Strong


Hi Folks,
It was great seeing you all this weekend. Again, it was all too short. I
guess we follow the old show business saying "ye gotta leav 'em wantin'
more". We are going to have to try it again in a couple of years!
 Jim & Kay



These reunions just keep getting better and better. New faces, new friends, lots of fun and laughs. I especially enjoy the tales of growing up in Gander and how this all comes together with each new meeting. I hope we all can stay in touch and share the common Gander "bond".

To Jane and Pat we owe a tremendous gratitude for their giving of time and hospitality. Wonderful food, fun and laughter. See, we knew it, no flies on Jane...Thankyou, Thankyou.

To Dave for the wonderful music. And Bob McKinnon for his background
musical accompaniment. Those guys worked hours behind the scenes, putting together their musical talent and all for our enjoyment. Thanks to both for answering my request of 'Sleepwalk' and 'Pipeline'.. Brought tears to my eyes. Dueling banjos was a big hit...
And to the guys for leading the sing-alongs and Newfoundland tunes. What fun.
To Norman Hounsell for leading a tour with four 'ladies' in tow. Despite all of our claims, we did behave ourselves, right Norm? We hope that he heals nicely after all of our abuse...

I had the privilege of a special hospitality from Julia and sister Audrey, who picked me up and delivered me back to airport on time. And Julia who outdid herself, providing wonderful meals, and a beautiful home to stay in during the 'off' days.
Oh, Nice to meet Rolla (Morley's wife) and Sharon (David's wife). Sorry we missed Ross and Linda Patey ...

Can't forget any of it. As Bob McKinnon said, we should also have had a tape recorder. But with three conversations going on in the room at any given moment, it would have been difficult.

Just a nice thing to cap everything off, guess what famous person was on my flight home. Alright, already you hockey fans...it was Bobby Orr. I finally got nerve enough to go up and talk to him, and get his autograph (you know how I am Morley!!!).Later, my Gander Gang.             

 Faye R


Thanks everyone for just a great time at the mini reunion ; to Jim Butler and Jane for initiating, to Jane and Pat for organizing and  hosting, to all of you for your warm greetings, and for the memories  both Sharon and I have taken back to London.

And thanks as well for the comments on the music Saturday evening.
Now for the untold story and the shocking truth ...

I went into the Georgian Room on Friday evening about an hour before 
everyone arrived to set up my laptop with the sound system. I'd  planned to play a bit of music to set the stage for Saturday night,  but discovered I'd brought all the cables I needed except one. My  only hope at that point was for Jim Butler's slideshow not to work  either, and we'd have to get additional equipment that would work for both of us. But that was not to be. Jim got hooked up okay so I saved  my intro stuff for Saturday night at Jane and Pat's place.

Then on Saturday I discovered the CDs I'd burned in London with Bob  Mckinnon's music and accompaniment did not work properly on the  player I'd brought. This, despite having tested everything beforehand in London.  Pat's neighbour Bob, who had been watching this unfold.  Went home and quietly returned with a karaoke machine in the back of  his car ... just in case. It was Pat Donnelly who finally came through by lending me the destroyer class speakers and sub-woofer off his PC so I could run from my laptop.

Thanks to Jim Strong, Gar Pardy, Norm Hounsell, Pat Donnelly and  Pat's neighbour Bob for being the group lead in the singing. You guys were great. You made it easy for me to just play along. You had a great audience as well.  I always thought Morley had a  big smile  until I looked down the room and saw Rolla. She was beaming the whole 
time. Thanks Rolla. You were very encouraging.

Now for the shocking truth. There was a reason for dedicating The Star of Logy Bay to Jim Strong. Earlier in the afternoon he recounted a harrowing tale from his early electrical engineering days. He was on a work site pointing out a cold solder joint on a 4800 volt system  when the electricity jumped the gap to his finger, discharged down 
each side of his body, exited through his shoes, and blew a hole through each sock. He started running and his nervous system did not  let him stop until he was in sight of  .  Logy Bay.    Jim, I don't think I will ever get that story out of my mind. I'll be thinking of you every time I play The Star of Logy Bay.

And finally for Faye, I did bring my GAHS ring with me, complete with tarnish, chipped onyx and faded lettering. Jane is my witness. I showed it to her just before we left Angus with a final beer in the  trunk from Pat. As I told Norm Hounsell on Friday evening, I did 
learn at least three words in engineering school: "another beer please."   All the best to everyone.    To be continued ... 

 Dave Naish


It is not an easy job trying to get a mini reunion together, but after enough bugging, Jim Butler and Jane Donnelly decided to take on this task.  Everything ran so smoothly for the weekend, although I am sure Jane had the jitters.  Friday night was wonderful, I loved the name tags Jane so carefully made for us, our graduation picture on one side, and our little saying on the back, mine being “All Good sisters love their brothers, but I so good have grown, that I love other sister’s brothers better than my own”  , plus all the other yearbook info. My weakness was grey fords;…… my ambition: Mrs. P,  that never came to pass!; …..and probable fate: spinster, that too never came to pass.!  It was a lot of work putting this information on a Newfoundland tartan paper, and I thank Jane for her work on that.  There was even a draw for Newfoundland jam, t-shirts, candy, etc…

..Jane and Pat put in a lot of behind the scenes work for this reunion, more than we will ever know, but I think they had fun doing it.  It showed in our BBQ at their home on Saturday night, and then at “Mums restaurant” for brunch the next day.  Plans changed through the weekend, and everyone ended up heading for home after the brunch.  It must be age, huh!  We get tired after 3 days of party.  I thank also my sister Julia for giving me room and board for a week, and she very much enjoyed the weekend with former ‘friends’ she thought she would never get to see.  Who knows, maybe Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley could be a good meeting place for the next reunion.  Greenwood is there, Aviation Museum, the historic Lunenburg,; Annapolis Royal, and to find a place for a noisy gang to stay, somewhere halfway in between, maybe Middleton, NS.  Just throwing out thoughs……………

 Audrey G