This is a where individuals can contribute their "shoe box" photos from the past. There have been earlier contributions  on Liz's Website so there will be links to this site to keep with the spirit of this page.


Class Photo from the 50's contributed by John Leblanc

Old Gander Terminal Postcard (updated)  contributed by R. Pelley

Gerri's Photos   contributed by Gerri Fitzgerald-Nimmo
Rick Stead's Collection contributed by Rick Stead
Gander - 1940s  contributed by Carol (Mercer) Walsh
More old photos contributed by Michal (Millar) Crowe
Mystery Photo  contributed by R. Pelley
Old Gander Terminal contributed by R. Pelley
Bob's Post Card Collection contributed by R. Pelley
Eileen's Collection contributed by Eileen (Chafe) Elms
Gwen's Collection contributed by Gwen (Greene) Boyd
Photo Collection  contributed by Eric Smith
Gander Photo Collection contributed by Max & Nora (Turner) Lush
School Days Circa 1962/63  contributed by Denny Pritchett
Lorraine's Photos  contributed by Lorraine (Young) Crawford
Doris Moss's photo collection  contributed by Doris (Moss) Cowley
Old Gander Scenes contributed by Jim Strong
CYQX  contributed by J. Pinsent
Jim's Photos contributed by Jim Simmons
School Pictures  from Jim's page
Remember When from Liz's site
Michal's Photos  from Liz's site
Miss Primmer's Photo Album from Liz's site
Old School Photos  from Liz's site
Schoolhouses from Liz's site
Boy Scouts from Liz's site
Surprise Party  contributed by Bob Pelley
New Town Site contributed by Audrey (Mingo) Grantham
Grade VII 1957  contributed by Clarence Dewling & Angus Taylor
Gander 1943  contributed by Audrey (Mingo) Grantham