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Nov 20, 2013

We regret to inform you of the sudden passing of Ray Lush on Nov 19. Ray was a great contributor to the town of Gander. Please refer to the In Memoriam page for further details on his obituary.

July 25, 2013

This is to inform everyone that Lorne Elms, the husband of Eileen (Chafe) Elms, in Gander, has passed away. Funeral services are on Aug 6 In Gander. The obit is on Stacey's Funeral Home webpage.

June 29, 2013

We are very sad to advise everyone the passing of Doris (Moss) Cowley. Doris was a big supporter of our website and will be missed. Her obiturary cab may be viewed at the Evening Telegram and on our In Memoriam page.

Feb 24, 2013

We pass along the unfortunate news that Roy Sceviour has passed away. Roy can well be remembered as one of the driving forces behind our reunion in 2005, His obiturary cab may be viewed at Staceys Funeral Home and on our In Memoriam page.

Feb 07, 2013

We regret to inform you of the passing of Jim Peckford. For those who didn't know Jim, he was a superb athlete in both hockey and baseball. Jim worked with EPA in Gander and moved to the Halifax area when the company relocated during the 80's. Jim's obituary can be read in the In Memoriam page. Anyone wishing to write comments about Jim, please send them to the Flight Webster for posting.


Jan 23, 2013

Some concerns about the Flight have been expressed on the changes made to the website. The website was originally set up as a wind down to the reunion held in 2005 and not intended for public participation outside of the reunion group. Over time this has changed with tons of historical data, discussions and photos about life in the old town, being posted and attracting a more diversified viewer. It has become apparent that there is a need for change and to move away from the website’s intended purpose. With this in mind, because of the interest shown, we have opened a new website with the intent to broaden and share information with everyone who have an interest in the old Airport Town. Things don’t happen overnight, mainly because of the work load, but it is the intent to shift as much of the non school data collected, as possible, into this new and more organized website. The Flight will remain what it was intended to be, dedicated to the student and teacher history of the 1949-1963 HMA/GA.

Jan 12, 2013

It is official, our sister site is now open for visits. Just click on the icon at the lower portion of the home page for a direct link to the new GAHS site. We would ask that you pass this information around to your friends and acquaintances. All you Facebook users, we also ask for your help in passing this along. Our new site is www.ganderairporthistoricalsociety.org .

Jan 5, 2013

We regret to inform all that the father of Audrey (Mingo) Grantham and Joyce (Mingo) Pretty, Dudley Mingo passed away on Jan 3. His obiturary can be seen here.

Dec. 31, 2012

Happy New Year everyone. To reflect on 2012 we have to remember the passing of old friends and teachers. It was sad to hear of the passing of Amos Case, Murdo Murray, Alex Geange and Bert Patey, they will be missed by us all.

We enter our 8th year and it seems as if more people are returning to view our website which is very encouraging. Mainly through the work of Faye, Audrey and Bob that we can thank for this success. With this in mind we would like to make an important announcement.

Major changes are about to be taken. We are soon to launch our ‘sister ship’, namely, the Gander Airport Historical Society website. Through the input over the years into The Flight, many of us recognized the need to preserve the history of the old airport town. This is what we will be doing here. A website has been developed to be launched early in the new year and a new society is about to be formed as a result. You will readily see that most of the resource material has come from ‘The Flight’. That is something you all should be proud of. The site will become a cyber museum depicting photos and news articles from the start of the airport construction in the mid 1930's, it's contribution to the world of aviation, and on up until the transition into the new town of today. It will be something of interest to aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Like life, this is an evolution. What we now do is evolve from one site into another. Not to discontinue the Flight but to start a new life that will have more meaning. Something to be shared by all who grew up and/or lived in Gander. We intend to keep most of the history of the school intact and move most of our web pages that dealt with historical information onto the GAHS site. We will be discontinuing the ‘In On The Gander’ page. This page will be the nucleus of the new website. Also we will discontinue some of the photo pages that deal with the old town. Again, just a relocation to the new site with a face lift. Nothing will be lost. It is our intention to keep the Flight website up and running as a static site with very few updates except important announcements, Out & About, and the ‘In Memoriam’ page. Any new information as to the history of the old town will be added to the GAHS site. The buttons in the Library will reflect the changes after the launch of the GAHS

We will incorporate a newer rendition of ‘Faye’s Page’ into a more of an anthropological section in the new site to reflect life in the old town with input from all.  Faye has agreed to look after this section with a new name to be given later. As for the cost of operating ‘The Flight’, it will be shared/absorbed by the new GAHS site.

Another point we would like to make is, at a later date, the intention of the GAHS is to contract out the construction of a replica model of the old Airport Town as it existed in the mid 1950's through funding from solicited donations . This is a very ambitious project that will require a lot of individual expertise which we will be hoping to recruit from our readers/members. The model will be located in a prominent location to be named later.

The Gander Beacon, Town of Gander, Gander International Airport Authority and North Atlantic Museum are all on board in giving us their support, cooperation and encouragement with this new society's website and model project.

The committee members overseeing the formation of the GAHS are;
Angus Taylor
Robert Pelley
Marion Pardy
Rick Stead
Jack Pinsent

More information will be posted with links to the GAHS when it is launched. Our new website will be located at www.ganderairporthistoricalsociety.org . The site is open but only to show the opening page window dressing while still in the construction stage.

I will still remain, the ‘Flight Webster’.






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