Following is a list of all those who registered to attended "The Flight Reunion", in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, on August 18 - 21, 2005.
Winnifred Roebothan - Lewisporte, NL
Effie Osmond - St. Lazare, QC
Dave and Connie Robertson - Seabright, NS
Cora (Butler) Evans and Kyrn Evans - Whitehorse, YT
Audrey (Mingo) and Vern Grantham - Halifax, NS
Judy (Garland) and Gordon Andrews - BC
Jim and Yvette Garland - Riverview, NB
Bob and Mary (Osmond) Warren - Halifax, NS
Pearl (Hoyles) and Mike Yetman - Corner Brook, NL
Faye (Lewis) and Bruce Raynard - Middleton, MA
Marion Pardy - St. John's, NL
Jim Simmons and Betty McPercnal - Calgary, AB
Grace (Osmond) and Bill Tucker - St. Anthony, NL
Eileen (Chafe) and Lorne Elms - Gander, NL
Ross and Linda Patey - Whitby, ON
Mable Manuel (teacher) - Gander, NL
Gilbert Wells - Gander, NL
John and Ruth Dyke - Gander, NL
Mark and Diane Ridout - Gilford, ON
Edith (Staple) and Dick Blanchard - Gainsville, FL
Linda (Collins) Sask - Bay Roberts, NL
Randy Collins - Bay Roberts, NL
Hazel Batstone (teacher) - Gander, NL
Ruth (Wilcox) and Sheldon Black - Livingston, TX
Monica (Walters) and Spence Bridger - St. John's, NL
Gwen (Goulding) Cooper - Gambo, NL
Marina (Hiscock) Dunn - Arab, AL
Marie (Fox) Isreal - Comox, BC
Judy (Carter) Komand - US
Laura Fox - Gander, NL
Morley Smith - Dunstaffnage, PE
Rod and Gloria Hippern - Huron Park, ON
Barbara (Godden) and Walter Brown - Halifax, NS
Evelyn Butt - Gander, NL
Winston Dyke - Gander, NL
Marcia (Bursey) Brooks - Mesa, AZ
Dolores (Bursey) Ottler - San Juan, CA
Larry Wicks - NS
Elizabeth (Bursey) Lyons - Amherstville, ON
Joan (Clouter) Booth - ON
Fanny (Freake) Simms (teacher) - Gander, NL
Joyce (Osmond) Burry - Gander, NL


Gwen (Greene) and Doug Boyd - Gander, NL
Jon and Sadie Newhook - Halifax, NS
Olwen Primmer (teacher) - Gander, NL
Mary (Molly Primmer) Leonchuk (teacher) - Ottawa, ON
Clyde and Olga Goulding - Ottawa, ON
Bruce and Edna (Burry) Carter - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Garfield and Laurel Pardy - Ottawa, ON
Jim and Glenda Strong - Napean, ON
Rita (Goulding) and Larry Brophy - Halifax, NS
Bonita (Mercer) Bretz - Gander, NL
Emiliy and Lloyd Jones (teacher) - Gander, NL
Roslie (Lester) and Kit Blois - Fredericton, NB
Geneveive (Sparkes) and Rex Parsons - St. John's, NL
Elizabeth (White) Dunphy - Calgary, AB
Doris (White) and James Sproul -
Michal (Millar) and Vance Crowe - Halifax, NS
Gerald and Carol Anstey - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Ches and Pat Carter - Gander, NL


Roland and Ruby (Samson) Clarke (teachers) - Mount Pearl, NL
Gertie (Price) and Lloyd Collins - Calgary, AB
Jim and Kay Butler, Mississauga, ON
Marilyn (Knee) Pasternik and Jeanette (Knee) Stapleton - St. John's, NL
Beth (Mullins) Primmer - Gander, NL
Alice and Wayne Taylor - Summerside, PE
Joy (Mercer) and Bob Janes - Gander, NL
Nath and Ethel (White) Dyke - Gander, NL
Bill and Wavey Ireland - Ottawa, ON
Geneveive (Geange) Strickland - Gander, NL
Norman and Yvonne Hounsell - Etobicoke, ON
Walter Mesh - Gander, NL
Joyce (Mingo) Pretty - Lower Sackville, NS
Patsy (Chaulk) Best - Brampton, ON
Barton and Loretta Green - Gander, NL
Liz (Morgan) and Chris Marshall - Belleville, ON
Gladys (Goulding) and Ivan Stryde - Gander, NL
Peter and Jean Blackie - Gander, NL
Walter and Dorothy Milley - St. Phillips, NL
Jack Pinsent - Ladle Cove, NL
Barbara (Fox) Bedard and Grant MacDonald -
Shirley (Janes) and Melvin Mills - Harcourt, NL
Marie (Rogers) and Charlie Weaver - Gander, NL
Vera ( Greene) and Robert Young -
Chris and Marg Hancock (teacher) -
Eric and Shirley Smith - Ottawa, ON


Betty (Luther) and Tom Bursey - St. Phillip's, NL
Campbell and Annette Pritchett - FL
Jack and Frances Fox -
Art Peckford - Gander, NL
Ron and Ina (Snook) Mosher - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Gilbert and Maggie Patey -
Louisa (Eveleigh) Adams - Comfort Cove, NL
Muriel (Wilcox) and Herb Moorecraft - Gander, NL
Bill and Edith Noel - St. John's, NL
Betty Ireland - Gander, NL
Garfield and Claudine Roberts - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Carol (Lester) Chamberlain -Dease Lake, BC
Carol (Mercer) and Jack Walsh - Gander, NL
Kezie (Gill) and Wilfred Budden - St. John's, NL
Bob and Marie Bannister - Gander, NL
John and Lillian (Gardner) Bursey - St. John's, NL
Robert Pelley - QC
Gillian (Smith) and Gary Hatcher - Topsail, NL
Angus and Judy Taylor - English Harbour, NL
Willie Dyke - St. Albert, AB
Clem and Myrtle Goulding - ON
Alex Geange - St. John's, NL
Cecil and Fronie Lush - St. John's, NL
John Matthews - US
Carol (Peyton) and Gerry FitzPatrick - St. John's, NL
Daine (Mullett) Caravan - Milton, ON
Myrtle (Baird) and Robert Dunham -
Doris (Moss) Cowley and Dan Bailey - TX
Roy and Lorraine Sceviour - Gander, NL
Enid (West) Noseworthy - Gander, NL
Gerry and Stephanie Smith - Gander, NL
Roslie Patey (teacher) - Gander, NL
Elizabeth (Bishop) Newhook - St. John's, NL
Lorraine (Young) Crawford - ON
Kevin and Kay Smith - St. John's, NL
Bill and Cathy Baird - Gander, NL
Diane (Manko) and Gerlad Lomond - Gander, NL
Maurice and Winnie Geange - Gander, NL
Max and Nora Lush - Gander, NL
Peter Hoyles - Gander, NL
Judy (Brett) and Dave Mercer - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Maisie (Power) and Geoff Noseworthy - Botwood, NL
Derek and Kay Cooper - Gander, NL
Dave and Daphne Hanrahan - Gander, NL
Ray and Liza Lush - Gander, NL
Eileen (Pittman) and Donald Parrish - Halifax, NS
Bill and Agnes Geange - Appleton, NL
Sylvia (Powell) Rose - BC
Jack and Shirley Rideout - Gander, NL
Dora (Butt) and Pat Hickey - Gander, NL
Hilda (Chaulk) and Murdock Murray - Mount Pearl, NL
Earl and Evangeline Snelgrove (teacher) - St. John's, NL
George and June Standford - St. John's, NL
Joan (Greene) and Myles Ptizgerald - Ottawa, ON
Gary and Irene Lewis -
Wilson and Shirley Hoffe - Gander, NL
Jean (Cornick) and Doug Crosbie - St. John's, NL
Carl Clouter - Gander, NL
Wilfred and Ethel Green - London, ON
Ruby (Patey) and Roger Wheeler -
Lillian Gibson -
Joyce O'Doherty - Grand Forks, BC
Pleman and Marg Manuel - Gander, NL
June (Bishop) and Dick Ellis - St. John's, NL
Frank Stirling - Abbottsford, BC
Margaret Pritchett - Gander, NL
Jean (Carter) and David James -
Guests ata the Banquet
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Reed (bus driver)
Ron and Ida Richard (caterers for Meet & Greet and Newfie Night)
Hilda Clarke
Mayor Claude Elliott
Mr. and Mrs Wayne Witheral (Principal of Gander Academy)
Kelley Sceviour
Ross and Shirley Goldsworthy (MC for Newfie Night)
Captain Tony and Yvonne LeDrew (Salvation Army - committee meetings host