Hockey Stories

3 Photos from Bill Ireland

Hunt Memorial Team 1952

Front Row:
Bill Ireland, Ralph Thistle, Norm Sheridan, Harv Rideout, Jim Peckford, Carl Bursey

Back Row:
Pete Lush, Gord Garland, Jack Fox, John Butt, Vince Sampson, Rod Hipburn

Hunt Memorial Hockey Team About 1953

Front Row:
John Dyke, Jim Davis, Willie Dyke, Jack Fox

Carl Bursey, Cyril Vardy, Gord Garland, Vince Sampson, Lewis Sampson, Eric Burton, Rod Hipburn, Bill Ireland, Pete Lush,Jim Peckford.

Gander Junior Flyers

Front Row: Cy Hoskins, Jim Peckford, Jim Davis, John Dyke, Unknown RCAF

Back Row: Frank Broderick (Coach), Bill Ireland, Unknown RCAF, Don
Bowe, Harv Rideout, Bud Pittman, Noel Rideout, George Petrie, Rod Hipburn

We played hockey and went skating in the old rink (natural ice) on the Canadian side, and watched the Gander Flyer games. That was a chilling experience because they sometimes left the doors open when they made new ice.
Bob McKinnon

I was reading the February 28, 2005 edition of the Gander Beacon and noted the reference to the Gander Flyers Female Hockey Team, playing against other female hockey teams from Glovertown, Clarenville and Twillingate. We've come a long way, thank goodness. I recall playing on a female hockey team, probably in 1958 or 1959. Because of all of the male hockey teams needing the rink for practice and games, we could only get the use of the rink at 11 p.m. or midnight! And we played against ourselves! I know that Gladys (Goulding) Stryde and Marie Smith played on that female hockey team.
I, together with others, spent much time at the rink - skating, watching hockey practices and hockey games. During one hockey game when Clarence (Lehr) was playing, he shot the puck; it deflected and went into the bleachers and hit me in the mouth. Some commotion followed; Clarence came skating over to the side where I was nursing my bloody mouth or nose. It would be good to know what team was playing and who won that game. I was hurt physically and, no doubt, emotionally, but it didn't deter me from hockey and skating.
Marion Pardy

Hockey team 1961
- photo from Jack Pinsent
FR: George Power; Clyde Goulding; Bill Lehr; Jack Pinsent; Dennis Saunders
MR: John Ross, Dave James; Jim Fox; Angus Taylor; John James; Gerry Smith
BR: Derek Cooper; Denny Mullins;?Lannon; ? Byrne; Gerry Wicks;
Neil Bridger? Larry Wicks

I remember the old rink on the American side, and it was cold. I remember one time we came out of a game about 1030pm and we went straight into a very bad snow storm. We almost got lost. Dad and someone else from Imperial Oil dragged me through snow drifts about 4 feet high, (I was about 8 or 9 years old), and when we got home my feet were practically frozen, and mom put some luke warm water in a pan and I sat on the chair crying from the pain.
We had a boarder staying with us called Frank Madigan who worked for Trans Canada Airlines, and he played on the Gander All Stars. He came in the door while I was thawing out my feet and asked, "what are you crying about"? and I looked up and he had his head all bandaged up from cuts received in the game we just watched. I remember the bandage was all red with blood. God, those were tough days. Remember Willie Taylor's father, Ray Taylor played there as well, and Mossy Doyle. Gibby Gibson in goal. Even Bill Lehr played in goal for awhile I think. The Murphy brothers, Frances and John were also great players. Remember Cyril Hoskins who used to cut up the ice with a unique way of skating. He could cut corners better than most players I ever saw, even NHL. I used to get my skates sharpened by Leo Fowler, who also worked for Imperial Oil with dad. He had a cobbler shop behind the apartment building, and did a great job with sharpening, But we did a lot of walking over rocks, sand, dirt, and many times played on ice that had sand blown and frozen into it. So when it got to the point you couldn't stand up on them any more, you had them sharpened
Campbell Pritchett

I think the rink on the American side was old hangar 22 or 23. The garage was where I used to spend many afternoons because Dad worked there as a machinist back in those days. Remember before there were any skate sharpeners in town, everyone used to get their skates sharpened there. Dad and Len Butt used to sharpen them on regular electric grinders that used to spin perpendicular to the skate blade rather than parallel as the proper sharpeners do. To put an edge on them they used a hand emery stone or a light file. No concave edge then! It's a wonder we could skate at all. Looking back I don't see how the guys could play hockey and make fast turns - but - we did.
Ron Mosher

Photo: Bill Geange, captain of Otters, Midget League

Do you remember a playoff game with Corner Brook and Bucko Trainor pulled the goalie with
5 ( approx ) seconds in the SECOND PERIOD. That was when the faceoff man could take
the man and leave the puck. That's what happened. Ron Ellis(????) the defenceman took the faceoff , took the man as did every other forward, and Angie Carroll came in behind,
picked up the puck and went across in front and scored. Roy, you must remember that, but is the name Ron Ellis????

Morley Smith

Morley Smith's recount of that big game between the Flyers and the Royals sure brought back memories. I was standing behind the Corner Brook net and remember the surprising move by Wes Trainor -whom I thought was the best coach Gander ever had up to then. It was Ron Elson who was playing then, who along with Ray Lush featured one of the fiercest duos on defence at that time. If memory serves me correctly Cec Lush was in goal for the Flyers- no face masks and no helmets! It was a very tight checking game which Gander I think won because of that goal. Also didn't Gerry Hancock figure in on that goal as well?The Royals had a pretty hot goalie (whose name I can't remember). He was a big guy and I remember one night he decided he was going to go after Ron Elson after the play and Ron did the job on him. He was pretty humble after that! Senior hockey was great back then.

Campbell Pritchett's recount of playing in the old hangar brought back a flood of memories. My father played then and I remember the first time he took me for a skate around that old rink (after a game by the Blue Blades). Grabbed me under the arms and skated around a few times with my legs hanging down. I was hooked and still am today. I remember one day he came to pick us up at school (he had just bought our first car- circa '48 chev- had no back seats!) and there he was with 2 black eyes and a busted nose all bandaged up from playing hockey the night before. We never inquired about the details!

Ron Mosher talked about his Dad sharpening skates. Well Ron he sharpened mine a good many times and lots of others kids too and never once would he dream of taking anything in return.

And speaking of Bucky time I got a puck in the nose and of course it doesn't take much to have blood going everywhere. He comes over to have a look and some of my team mates were saying 'looks like it's busted'. He takes a look, points to his nose and says "Seven times.....I know a busted nose when I see it and that nose ain't busted...clean it up and get back on the ice!" Yes sirreee coach!

One last story (for now). I have to remind Denny Mullins (Big Denny) about the time we (the Canadiens) beat the Leafs in minor hockey play-offs ( '56?). Gil Wells was our coach that night. Big Denny was on the Leafs and we beat them 3-2. A really close game. Eddy Pittman was our goalie and I think Gary Lawson was in goal for the Leafs. Gil Wells stuck me back on defence during the dying minutes and I took a shot on the side of my skate from Denny who was on defence. We all know how protective skates were then! There's still a lump on the side of my foot but it was worth it. You gotta remember that game, Denny!
Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor's story of Bucko Trainor was somewhat similar to my story. It was at the end of my hockey career ( End, hey, it never started )I loved the game then , and still love it but would NEVER make it big.I was out of school and loved the partying. Anyway I was playing on Bucko's team and not in great playing shape.I was on a shift and decided that I needed a rest so skated over to thebench, all puffed out. Bucko looked at me----"What's wrong with you ??'
I answered " I'm tired " He looked at me again and said" You haven't skated a full shift yet. You shouldn't be tired . Get back out there " and he wouldn't open the gate. As Angus also said ------" Yes Sirreee coach ". Forgot all about it until Angus told his story. Also remember that his dry land training was very tough. BUT he was a great coach and got the most out of everyone.

High School Hockey Team, 1958
D.Collins, G.Dyck, M.Smith, W.Geange, W.Dyke, C.Lehr,
A.Geange, W.Warren, W.Noel, W.Lehr, C.Goulding, W.Taylor, R.Sceviour, R.Freake

I remember when Clarence played hockey. Mom would give him a dollar for every penalty he got. She finally had to reverse her decision and give him a dollar for every goal he got. That way she saved a lot more money.
Rowena Lehr

Does anyone remember who the lady was who used to bring the cowbells to all of the hockey games? She was quite a fan and I remember just whereshe sat at the games. She was the loudest one in the place. Faye (Lewis) Raynard

I am sure that her name was Mrs. Bowe. Her son Don was a good hockeyplayer in Gander. She was an avid LOUD fan and I am sure she was the onewith the cow least I think she was the one. Clarence

Something that sticks in my mind that I got a chuckle out of at the time: After one of those wild hockey games at the rink in Gander, as the fans funneled out of the building, I remember the comment from one disgruntled fan--"The dirty 'Hair' Force'. Obviously the Air Force team took the win and this fan thought they shouldn't have.
Faye (Lewis) Raynard

photos: Dave Gilhen (click for bio) and Joe Goodyear

We were transferred out of Gander in January of 59 and I was very disappointed to be moved at that time.I was playing with the Gander All-Stars and they were definitely going to make the play-offs that year and I didn`t want to miss out on that.The last game I played,team management had a farewell ceremony for Flo and me at centre ice between the 1st and 2cd periods. Flo received a bunch of roses and I was given a beautiful silver beer stein engraved with the team logo and name.I still display that stein proudly on my mantle.It is a little bent after all our moves but still in good shape.As it turned out our coach at that time, Doggie Kuhn, knew
my Commander Officer very well and arranged for me to be sent back to Gander on two month assignment for the months of March and April, so I got to play in the play-offs.
Dave Gilhen

Gravel Pit rink

We did play under the lights and thought we had the world by the tail. But was it ever cold down in the pit, after playing hockey with your boots as goal posts. The boots would get booted about in the snow and after you had to take your skates off and put them in the cold boots to go home.

Photo: Jim Butler on way to church and Eric Smith on way to hockey arena (gravel pit).