Contributed by R. Pelley


Old Gander Terminal #2


I recently bought this card showing the terminal in the old airport.  I
have been looking for terminal photos for over 15 years and this is the
first time I've ever seen this particular one. I can't see a date and the
postmark is unreadable, but from the printing quality, the colour scheme and
the fact there is no lunch counter way down on the right hand side, I would
guess this to be  pre-1950.

Inside the card it says: "So this is Gander.  If you been here you know what
I mean. Nevertheless it is remarkable to have such a large clear terminal
with every facility."
R Pelley

Here’s another one

I just came across this wonderful photo which, in a sense, really brings out the essence of Gander Airport in the  40s-50s. Here we see travelers at the counter way down at the (west) end of the terminal, as they fill out postcards and telegrams.  The sign says “Telegraph and Telephone Connections to All Parts Of The World”,   One chap seems to have headphones on and the fellow next to him might be using a telegraph key.  How many people have described their flight across the Atlantic and their happiness to see those runways !  

Robert Pelley