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Reunion Committee Donates $4250 To Gander Academy

reunion commitee The students and teachers of Gander Amalgamated School, Hunt Memorial Academy and Gander Academy 1948 - 1963 hosted a reunion in Gander on August 18 - 21, 2005. As a result of the financial success of this reunion, the committee, in an effort to help the children of our community, made the following donations to Gander Academy:

o $2250 to the Gander Academy School Choir to help with the cost of their trip to Ottawa in 2006
o$1000 to the Gander Academy Breakfast Program
o $1000 to the Gander Academy Literacy Program

Shown is Roy Sceviour, Team Captain of the Flight Reunion committee presenting a cheque to Gander Academy School Choir

Barb's grad pic Barb's bridge group
This is the group who delivered a full meal, appetizers, main course, dessert, wine, flowers etc, to me every Friday since the first chemo treatment in June and have been my support group through all the tough times and have made me strong. This is an amazing group of women to which I have the priviledge to belong. Our common passion is bridge which we have played every two weeks now for the past twelve years. I am the forth member of this group who has had cancer and I am happy to say that we can all now call ourselves surviors. So you see - I am the 4th graduate and I hope the last. However I know that we will be there if any of the others need us. My "graduation" took place on a bridge night following my last radiation treatment when the girls felt it was necessary to celebrate "the end".

Thanks also to all the school friends who have been keeping in touch and giving support. I so apprieciate your thoughts and prayers.

Barb's final appointment with her oncologist was Nov. 15/05 at which time he told her that her prognosis is good and that Barb will most likely "see her grand children graduate from college" which is certainly good news for her as the youngest one has not started school yet.

A request  from Gloria & Rod Hippern

Just thought I would send you  a short note , to say it was great to meet some of the people
 that were a part of Rods early life. We had a great time  to bad it was such a short time.hopefully we will meet again sometime .
 Do you know of anyone that took a picture of Rods class at the reunion, and if so could you get them to send him a copy. well I hope to hear from you again soon . bye for now
                                                                                        Your Friends Rod & Gloria








Ron Mosher sends this little tidbit along.

A couple of pictures for you guys to look at of the ferry that crosses between Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia........ I would think twice about going over that day..... maybe catch a much later boat when the water calmed down a bit. This was taken a few days ago (Nov 23) when the winds at the Wreck House area reached 130km/h.

Great day in Halifax, when the Gushue curling Team from NL won the right to represent Canada in the Olympics 2006 in Italy. A biter to the end.

My father was a curler in Gander, we have the newspaper photo, where he is the lead onto the ice with the bagpipes. However, I never found an interest in the game, or probably didnít even know teenagers could play. My first encounter was while living in Sydney, NS in the early 1970's, and then when we moved to Port Hawkesbury, most of us lived at the curling rink all 9 months of winter. It never stopped snowing in PH, but that is another story. Curled in many many local bonspiels, and spent our Sat nights curling, with Mickey entertaining the crowd of smoking curlers. I remember how they used to smoke on the ice!    I did volunteer work at the Halifax Metro Centre for the Scott Tournament of Hearts, a few years back, loved it; (and volunteered for the 1990 World Figure Skating in Halifax) Audrey

From: "James Butler" Subject: Curling - again Wednesday, December 14, 2005    Follks: I never dreamed that you guys were so interested in curling. I was glued to the TV all week following the games. I guess I'll have to take a week of during the Olympics! And of course there is the Brier and the Scotts as well as the juniors, etc. My winter is fully booked!

Before I left St. John's I had run a curling league of 36 teams at the St. John's Curling Club for about 15 years. I had curling in the league from the time it started in the late 1970s. I also curled for one year at the Mayflower in Halifax. When we moved to Ontario that was the first thing I checked out, but the nearest club to where we live is over half an hour drive. So I reluctantly dropped out.

Anyone remember (here we go again!) the curling we did at the stadium, and later the Airport Club in Gander in the late 1950s and early 1960s? I remember the club giving us a crest to commorate that first year of curling. As I remember I ended up giving mine to Michal! Do you still have it Michal??? Love that curling! Jim

From: "BARBARA BROWN" Monday, December 12, 2005 9:31 AM

You are right Audrey! A very big day in the life of curling in Canada and Newfoundland. I was an on ice official for three of the days during the trials. What an event - with the best of the best in Canada competing for the trip of a life time to the Olympics in Italy. Merry Chrstmas to all!!   Barbara

From: Morley Monday, December 12, 2005 9:33 AM      Fantastic..... In fact both the ladies and mens finals were great curling games .Very exciting. Has to be a plus for curling

Hi Peter (Blackie): I understand your wife Jean may be in Halifax this week re the Curling. I won the whole event tickets, for every day and every draw. However, we gave them all away up to Thurs as too busy to go. But we do hope to attend Friday, Sat & Sun. We are in Section 23, Row M, seats 13 & 14. Maybe we will run into Jean while there. Should be good curling. Audrey

From: "Pete Blackie" Curling December 07, 2005 Morning Audrey, Jean is a volunteer and doing Statistics, I think, for a game or so a day. I'll pass along your location.