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December 23, 2006

Lloyd Jones (husband of Emily (Samson) Jones died this morning in
Gander. Emily taught lower elemtary grades when Gander Academy opened
and even at Duffy's Tavern. If you have addresses of  teachers of that
era you might feel like letting them know. Most pupils might know Emily
if not Lloyd.

 (see obituary)


October 4, 2006

Jim Butler writes in about his trip to the Yukon this summer

Jim & Cora

Hi Audrey

A brief note and photo for your column on the webpage

It has been over a month since we returned from our vacation up north, so it is about time I gave you a summary of the "mini-reunion" between my sister and I. (It should qualify as a reunion since more than one person was involved.) My sister, Cora (Butler) Evans, graduated in 1952 and I graduated in 1959.

It was a wonderful holiday! The scenery is marvelous, the attractions are numerous and the people very friendly. We spent a couple of days visting family in Edmonton. The West Edmonton Mall was the main attraction on Saturday and a family brunch at a local restraurant was the main activity for Sunday, although Kay and her sister manager to visit a couple of malls after the brunch.

Early Monday morning we were off to Vancouver and then to Whitehorse. The mountainous scenery from the plane was spectular, but not nearly as spectacular as we would see in the next couple of weeks from a much lower angle. We visited Skagway, Alaska; Haines Junction, and Dawson City, as well as sight-seeing in and around Whitehorse. Dawson was really worth the 5 hour drive north of Whitehorse. It is the site of the 1898 Gold Rush in the Yukon and has many places where you could easily spend a day. We made quick visits to the goldfields on Bonanza Creek, especially Dredge Number 4, and took in the spectular view from the Dome. We also visited the cabins of Robert Service and Jack London. A trip to Dawson would not be complete without a visit to Diamond Tooth Gertie's Saloon where we saw a spectacular stage show and gambled the night away on the slots and gaming tables, only to leave the premises at 11:15 pm to emerge into bright sunlight. The sun didn't set until about 12:30 am!

We took a lot of pictures, mostly of the scenery, we just could not resist the snow-capped mountains. Anything with an elevation of more than 50 feet looks spectacular after spending 6 years in Southern Ontario! The photo I am including with the summary (in order to qualify as a reunion) is of my sister and me at Reid Falls in Skagway. For those of you not in the know, Reid Falls is named after the man who ended the career of Soapy Smith, that infamous Skagway con-man who was refused entry into the Yukon during the Gold Rush by Inspector Sam Steele of the Northwest Mounted Police.

Kay and I are hoping to return to Yukon the the future to see more of the area and would recommend a visit to everyone!


James & Kay Butler

September 30, 2006

Jack put a 'blurb' in the Guest Book back in August about a restored B17 bomber in Gander for the Gander Day celebrations. He sends along a couple of pictures of this old relic taken during the occasion. (click on the pics for enlargement)



September 28, 2006


Here is a picture of a 'fort' or 'teepee' Morley  Smith grew and built for his grandsons visit to PEI this summer. The flags of  Toronto Maple Leafs (for grandsons from Ontario) , Calgary Flames ( for grandson from Alberta) , PEI  and Canada  were flying from the top.



September 20, 2006

Faye Raynard tells us about her visit with Bob Pelley

Christine & Bob Pelley Faye & Bruce Raynard

Bob's backyard in Quebec City

Weekend in Quebec City…

Faye (Lewis) and Bruce Raynard got an invitation to go to Quebec City this summer to visit Bob Pelley (Class of ’62) and his wife Christine. One could not ask for better hosts than these two. In two short days they took us to every corner of the city. It was nice to have someone show us the old walled city, its gardens, architecture, parks and the Plains of Abraham. We got inside the citadelle and even saw some of Bob’s artwork hanging in the officer’s mess where he, before retirement, served as an officer in the Royal 22nd Regiment, the famous Vandoos.

Christine is a history buff and in order to better show off her city when she has visitors, she took a course as a professional tour guide. She is a wealth of information about its history, culture and amenities. From the cathedrals to the art galleries, antique shops, and boutiques, we saw and did so much. Enjoyed Sunday brunch at an outdoor garden terrace, just before it started to rain. A quick trip to the Dollar Store and we had the latest of fashion in rainwear (plastic thingys) not to miss a beat on the mission to see the glorious surroundings.

A surprise 90-minute boat cruise on the St. Lawrence ended the day on a high note. Not to mention, our tour guides live in a vintage 1900s home, gracefully restored and beautifully decorated. It even has windows that once graced the citadel. Bob commissioned two of them for a bathroom cabinet and exterior window, as replacements were put in his workplace.

Not to forget the fabulous menus with everything from fondue to snails, with all the fixings, that Christine whipped up with ease. Barely had time to admire their backyard and terraced front yard with flowers everywhere. At night the sound of the rushing river abutting the backyard lulled us to sleep, after being stuffed with Christine’s French cuisine together with wine from RG’s special ‘stash’.

Now Bob and Christine were most fun, and at one point we were all in hysterics over something—or maybe it was just the wine. Or perhaps it was Bruce’s birthday “cake” made of candles stuck in the marshmallows we had with the chocolate fondue.

In case you think that there was anything that we missed, we didn’t. Yes, their tour includes the place where they got their first apartment, another highlight is where Bob gets his hair cut; there’s also a hockey rink in their neighborhood named after Christine’s brother, a former pro hockey player; oh, and lest we forget, that place where Christine got her first kiss from an old boyfriend. Yes, it too was ‘French’, she says with a giggle.

-           Faye Lewis Raynard, Class of 1959. (And to think we didn’t even know Bob and Christine Pelley before this Gander Reunion took place. See what this reunion has done for some of us? Isn’t it wonderful!).




September 12, 2006


Jim Butler has submitted an article originally published in the Gander Beacon and later republished in it's sister paper , the Clarneville Packet. The article entitled For The Love Of The Plane tells the story of how Carl Clouter, from Gander, took a 65-year-old plane and made it fly again. Click on the link to read the article.

September 12, 2006

Just a note of information for the website

Rod Hippern's brother, Harold Hippern, passed away on Sat.  Rod was a member of 1956 graduating class, and Rod attended the reunion in August 2005. 


September 4, 2006

"A lttle bit of news - Roland and Ruby (Samson) Clarke have two new grandsons - twin boys were born to their daughter Lynn and her husband a couple of weeks ago." 




July 25, 2006

Mrs. Kathleen Hanrahan

"The flight website and all its members would like to pass along our sincere sympathy to Dave Hanrahan and his family, and other members of the Hanrahan family on the death of their mother, Mrs. Kathleen Hanrahan, who just celebrated her 100th birthday on March 30th, 2006. Attached is a short biography of her life"

Audrey G



Cape Cod Mini Reunion

(click for enlargements)

 Faye & Bruce Raynard   Faye & Bruce's Cape Cod cottage Faye ,  Bruce, Vern Grantham, Chris Marshall


Back row:  Chris & Liz Marshall; Vern Grantham; Sue and Don Penwell;  Bruce & Faye Raynard; Audrey G., Bob Pelley;     Front Row:  Vance and Michal Crowe; Christine Pelley

Michal Crowe and Don Penwell 

 Jiggs Dinner with Pea's Pudding

Start on left side; Bruce R; Bob P., Vern G., Audrey G., Michal C. Chris M,  Bob Penwell; Liz M; Vance C; Christine P;

"We had a super time at Faye's and Bruce's place in Cape Cod at the end of May 2006. It was a lot of fun seeing such a motley mix of people getting along so well and laughing like silly people over the simplest of things.

Faye's Yankee gift-swap was especially great...we should send it along as a case study for the MBA students at Harvard as an example of the "most bounce for the ounce". Of course, any scientific study from Harvard would have said that to make a get-together like that work properly, we would have needed a strategic planning team, a professional orchestra, a catering service, a housing/lodging team, etc. According to their methods, they would have scientifically proven that a party like that just wouldn't work. And then the shower caps from the Yankee swap, who would have thought you could laugh so much at a shower cap. If laugher really were the best medicine, none of us would ever be sick again.

But then again, they wouldn't have factored in stuff like Vern with his Johnny Cash style, or Don with his ability to scalp 24 2-lb lobsters in no time flat. Their operational research and statistical studies wouldn't have been solid enough to predict the "fight" between Christine and Audrey over a small wicker basket from the dump. Or the conversations some had with Vance on how to "reorient Canada's defense research program". Or Chris' British humour and great fish stories, sometimes as long as the fish themselves!! Or trying to find out from Liz if anyone remembered the stampless love letter Bob Pelley sent to her sister Sheila when he was about 12yrs old. Or Sue who almost went yard-sailing the first morning but didn't quite make it! Or Bruce's ability to cook clams, just done to a turn, natural when you combine his Yankee charm and Nova Scotia skill.

And not to forget the unnamed smugglers in gang who risked their lives and reputations bringing salt beef across the border. Bur we know who they are and if they don't collaborate in the future we will see to it that they are visited. Lucky Christine and Sue were able to turn it into a jiggs dinner so that everyone could pitch in and help "hide the evidence"!

And that luckily, the Crowes and the Pelleys didn't have the same tastes in yard sales - would have been worst fight seen there since the Revolutionary War if they had been! But then again, Christine's homemade kir would probably would brought every one back to the bargaining table.

And what would the Harvard students have to say about the food and lodging?? Who gets to live in a 200 yr old house every day or in a modern country home on Cape Cod. And the food, geez don't talk about the food, starting with Faye's arrival clam chowder and the pies she had been making over the winter. And salad she made with cauliflower, brocoli, mushrooms, her own special sauce and who knows what alchemist secrets. Maxim's in Paris might have fancier tableclothes and better dressed waiters, but to paraphrase Churchill, never was so much eaten by so few so fast... and the waiters and guests in Maxim's don't get to wear an exclusive designer t-shirt like we did!!

The Party on the Cape was a great success. Molto grazie again to Faye/Bruce for such a great idea and more fun than most human beings can handle at one go. Hope they find a million dollars or at least a few VIking broaches with the "New" metal detector they got.. Thanks to everyone for being there and making our mini reunion such a memorable occasion. Well, I sort of feel like last year,, what do we do next.""



June 7- information received from the students at Gander Academy


I am writing from Gander Academy! We are taking our school choir to Ottawa on June 28th to be a part of Unisong and the Canada Day Celebrations! Most of the alumni received a letter asking  for   support  of  your old  school's choir. I am very pleased to announce that the Reunion committee has given a generous donation but other individuals have followed suit! I would like to acknowledge the donations of some generous Gander Academy  Individual Donors .( You know who you are) Thanks so much! The students will have a trip of a life time and don't forget to watch us on Parliament Hill on Canada Day!

 Thank You,

 Kim Young

PR Committee, Gander Academy School Choir


 If any Gander Academy Alumni would like to give to support our trip please send your donation to the address below:Gander Academy Choir

55 Fraser Rd.














Clarence Lehr sent along some pictures of fishing with friends. The pictures are of his friend's boat and the Fraser River. Clarence landed this 50-60 pound sturgeon which took about 15-20 minutes. Clarence  reports that he loves this part of the country.




On approval from Faye Lewis, she has given us heads up to report the following. Faye has been dealt some bad health news lately from her kidney specialist. A tumor has been found in one kidney and that kidney has to be removed. Lots of thoughts going through her mind, among them panic, denial, being upbeat, denial, panic etc....... (her words of course!) Appointments are being set up for surgery at Mass General, no surgery date set, yet. We need a ‘rooting gallery’ of support, with your e-mails to her.  We know she will feel good about that, she is such a communicator herself.  Faye is a 1959 graduate of Gander Amalgamated and was one of the people in the background 'on the bugging committee' , bugging everyone to get to Gander for our high school reunion in August 2005

Send your comments to Faye on the Forum


Feb 7, 2006

Standing: John Dyke, Dave Hanrahan, Ray Lush, Roy Sceviour, Dora (Butt) Hickey,
Bob Bannister, Bob Warren, Jack Rideout.
Sitting: Betty Ireland, Enid (West) Noseworthy, Laura Fox, Gladys (Goulding)
Stryde, Mary (Osmond) Warren, Gwen (Greene) Boyd, Evelyn Butt, Geneieve
(Geange) Strickland, Kelly Sceviour.

" This is the very competent Gander committee who put our School Reunion  together, planned great events, decorated halls, booked Hotels, hired caterors, bus trips, printing of event sheets, registration table full of information, made sure there was lots of food on the meet and greet night, lots of food on Newfie night (didn't everyone love that kaplin!!), music for the two events at the Knights of Columbus Hall, and the wonderful Dinner Dance on Saturday evening, and the closing Breakfast and memory list of those who passed on, and last , cleanup,  so many things besides the enormous number of meeting.  A big thank you to this dedicated group of friends"


Reunion Ladies Luncheon

Dora (Butt) Hickey, Evelyn Butt, Gwen (Green) Boyd, Enid (West)Noseworthy, Laura Fox, Betty
Ireland and Gladys (Goulding) Stryde.

Gwen reports; We just got together last week for lunch at Sinbad's ......talked about the reunion etc.....

Jim and Glenda invited the Fitzgeralds (Joan & Myles) and Mickey and I for a get together while we were in Ottawa in early Nov '05.  Jim had great stories to tell about early times in Gander, and some pictures of his father, and other men who were early residents of Gander (well maybe not the early early residents).  Joan, Jim and I are all grads of 1958.  In our discussions of NL, I talked about Prince of Wales Collegiate that Jim and I both attended, at different times.  Come to find out Glenda's sister was in my Grade 7 class at PWC., and that Glenda's family lived only 2-3 streets away from me when our family lived in St John's.  Just a small world for sure.  So some day I would love to meet Glenda's sister again, I think her name was Carol, ( but not sure