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Dec 14, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone


Oct 30, 2007

Receiver this information about a planned Ontario/Gander mini reunion to be held during the fall of 2008.


Here is the long-awaited information on an Ontario mini-reunion. After lots of tossing around of ideas, laughter, suggestions, etc., a decision was made to have the Reunion in Barrie, Ontario, September 26 -  28, 2008, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Jane Dempsey Donnelly

Mini-reunion details



Oct 10, 2007

I received this letter today.

Hi there,

 Someone recently forwarded your website to me where we saw a small tribute to Angie Carroll (my father-in-law).

 It was a tough week on the family without a doubt and this weekend will be hard as well as the first grandchild of Angie & Betty is getting married on Saturday.

I thought you might be interested in a few articles published in the PEI newspaper, so I am attaching those.

 Also, if you had any photo's of Angie's days in Gander, I would love to see those as well.

Great man, fantastic dad and a wonderful grandfather. He is missed.

Thank you.

Genetta Carroll


We have updated the page with Angie's Obituary for those who would like to read comments made form the PEI newspapers that Genetta refers too, also a link to a  dedication to Angie

It is worth while reading

Oct 8, 2007

Some interesting stuff Ron Mosher was doing this summer.


 I just got back after a week working on a farm in Saskatchewan helping harvest wheat and canola as part of the Canada Food Grains Bank initiative.  This is a charitable group made up of 17 members of different denominations in Canada which harvests grains to provide assistance to third world countries.  The Canadian Gov't through CIDA, matches what is raised 4:1 thus making every $12,000 become $60,000.  The grains are planted and harvested by volunteers.  Their success rate in getting money and grain to the destination is phenomenal - actually higher than any other charitable organization.  They have a web site, if you are interested in information.  Anyway, I was part of a group of 11 who went from this area.  We stayed at a farm house which was provided for accommodations - we paid for our own way up and our own food.  There is a couple in each house who look after it - also volunteers.  The couple where we stayed happened to be from NL, as well.  The couple in the other house were from Kelowna, BC.  We also shingled one of the houses while we were there in down-time when we weren't harvesting - there was always plenty of work to do.  I got to drive a combine - that was a rush.  Some drove the tractors, semi-trucks, cultivators or swathers (they cut down the grain).  The weather didn't fully cooperate, but, it was fun.  Hard work, though - we never stopped for the whole week.  Some guys were combining until after two in the morning the night before we left for Saskatoon - a two and a half hour drive - to catch our flights at nine in the morning.  Good experience - first time on the prairies - that was different - wide open space with only distant horizons - must be very lonely for anyone living there full time - don't think I could handle it myself - know for sure that Ina couldn't.  :-))




Sept 29 2007

From Bob Pelley :

During middle of September, my wife Christine and I went to Nlfd for a short visit. We took a plane to St. John's and then rented a car to go to Gander - which gave us the chance to go to the marina in Trinity where they have the best cod tongues and fish and chips this side of Toronto.

And it happens that Trinity is only 6-7 kilometers from the well known metropolis of Trouty, which let us spring a surprise visit on Clarence Dewling.

Luckily, Clarence was at home. He lives in an older coastal house which has been done up with all the amenities, including an office/library with about 1700 books about Newfoundland or written by Newfoundlanders.

He explained that his two major problems living there are, firstly, the moose that come up to his front step and eat his small patch of  raspberries. The second is the ocean spray that flies up against his front window and freezes in the winter time.

Bob & Clarence

 Clarence seems to be in great shape... in fact Christine thinks Clarence looks younger than Bob!



Sept 17 2007

Morley writes to tell about the passing of a well known Gander hockey player from back in the late 50's-early 60's.


Angie Carroll died on the weekend and I am sure that a lot of our reunion crew would like to be advised . Angie was a great hockey player and played on our Gander Flyers team.

He was walking on the boardwalk Friday and suffered pains in his chest. His wife wanted to go to the doctor but he said no. Later that day he had the big one. Case closed . You hear about warnings and we still don't listen.

I am unable to get my email to send it for a few days. Would you mind sending it to Jack and the rest on your mailing group list.


To view his obituary

Aug 7 2007


Each year Morley thinks up something in his garden that will interest the grandkids.  So this year he 'formed' a Pirate Ship.

 Morley writes;

"The grandkids just love it, spending a lot of time there.   They make landlubbers walk the plank. It exceeded my expectations.   The boys  loved it . They love getting Rolla, Mommy and Daddy to walk the plank.

 I also had an old wooden /metal carpenter box  which we filled with dollar store items, made 4 maps of our property ,which they had to follow to find the treasure box which I hid in the corner of the property.

 We have had a ball with them  ( reliving my childhood )  I wonder how many wooden swords that Jack , Jim  and I made years ago ? anyway just loving it "


Click on me

Click on me

Click on me

The Emma Jane

View from the bridge

Pirates of Dunstaffnage

"Hey folks

The last thing that my mother ever expected was to have a pirate ship named after her.   But here goes.

The " Emma Jane  " is sailing the Caribbean looking for victims. Ah Ah , they see a merchant ship on port bow, raise the sails and get close.   Then the name is change to the " Black Pearl " and up goes the Jolly Roger. The battle begins and they end up with gold , silver and captives that they make to walk the plank

All ends well and the ships name gets changed back to the  " Emma Jane "  and down comes the  "Jolly Roger " for now

Bon Voyage



June 8, 2007

Here are a few pictures from our get together at Bill and Edith Noel's, St John's. April 15/07.  Vern and I, were in 'town' to attend the wedding of our son Lenny, to Joanne Murphy from Dunville, NL.


Lenny and Joanne Grantham, St. Patrick's Church, St John's

Edith Noel and Vern Grantham


Kizzie Gill @ Bill and Edith's

Alex Geange, Joyce (Mingo) Pretty, Kizzie Gill, Marion Pardy



A picture of the Battery from our Hotel, the Marriott

Joyce Mingo Pretty(class of 56) Audrey Mingo Grantham (class of 58) Marion Pardy,(class of 58) taken inside Gower St United Church



May 2, 2007

John Henley who lived in Gander and attended the Catholic School passed away recently. His obituary is available at this link



Apr 7, 2007

Ron Mosher sends along this item




Thought you guys might like to see some pictures to bring back memories of Gander.  These were caught last week from Jonathan's Pond (remember we used to call it Johnson's - down back of the Army Side?).  No I didn't catch them - they were caught by a friend of Len Snook (Ina's brother) and he sent me the e-mail to make my mouth water and to make me jealous that I wasn't there at the time.

~ron m




Mar 18, 2007

A mystery to be solved.

Here is a picture of a Sorority Convention I attended at Mount St Vincent University, Halifax, 1988 and this is the Gander contingent.  May be from other parts of NL too, not sure. I just know that  Barb Godden is second from left, and Joy Mercer fourth from right.  Anybody know the rest?  Perhaps our website could help us find out the names. Write to me or the webster.



1???, Barb (Godden) Brown, 2???, 3???(hidden), 4???, 5???, 6???? (male),7???, Joy (Mercer) Janes, 8???, 9???, 10???, 11??? (male)



Mar 11, 2007

The recent book, A Charm Against the Pain, published by the Newfoundland Writers' Guild, reports the following;

LILLIAN BURSEY was born in British Harbour, Trinity Bay. While raising six children with her husband, John, and to maintain her sanity, she pursued university studies. She eventually graduated from Acadia pursued University with a Master's Degree in counseling, and hung out her shingle in Dartmouth, NS. Lily is the current president of the Newfoundland Writers Guild.

Lillian (Gardner) Bursey (class of '56) is married to John Bursey (class of 49) and is one of the contributors to this book (A Charm Against the Pain)

Also contributing to this book is Hilda (Chaulk) Murray, a past teacher at Gander Academy.


Mar 9, 2007

Marg Hawkins and Faye Lewis Raynard - (class of 1959)  We
visited the store in Boxford, Massachusetts to see how that one  and only
store compared with Boxford England

Mar 9, 2007

Marg wrote.....

Nr Boxford, Suffolk, England to Nr Boxford, Mass., USA via Texas is the journey I undertook in January 2007.  The Texan part of my visit was to see my Dad who is now 91yrs old.  Found him in good health.  The journey to Mass. was to visit a friend I last saw in 1959.  I was a bit nervous as time does change people but not my friend Faye Raynard {Lewis}.  It was a wonderful visit with nonstop chat remembering Gander, Nfld days and catching up with the in between years plus discussions about current affairs.  Bruce, Faye's husband put up with it all and I enjoyed the contributions he made.

Here are three of the memories that I have taken with me:

1. How cold it was outside.  One night the thermometer registered 18F. Over here it is considered very cold at 30F!  What really amazed me was Bruce being able to get into his truck the next morning, it having stood outside all night, and drive off without having to scrape the ice of his windows.  Shows how little moisture was in the air compared to here. Our winters are very damp hence the need for the ice scraper!

2. How much meat was in a sandwich when we ate out one lunchtime.  It would have fed me for 3 daysat home. Hope the remains in the doggy bag are not still in Faye's refrigerator!!

3.  Toast!  Apparently when the Raynards visited England a few years ago they could not understand why the toast was brought to the table unbuttered.  They like their toast buttered as soon as it leaves the toaster.  Ugh! soggy.  As far as I am aware most Brits prefer their toast crunchy so you butter it when it has cooled down.  The little things that divide us!  We have recipe books here advising you on how make toast and you are supposed to stand it on its side so the moisture evaporates.

As for the Boxford connection I alluded to it turns out that these two small townships have exchanged visits with one another a few years ago. All this time Faye and I have lived near these two villages with the same name without knowing it. A small correction - its 11 years.  How small the world is.

I actually live in the parish of Edwardstone where John Winthrop, the first Govenor of Mass. was born.



Mar 6, 2007

Late January 07, Morley and Rolla drove to Halifax, and we had a get together at Audrey & Vern's, with Bob & Mary Warren and Jon Newhook.  Lobsters were the feast of the day.  Those lobsters were big!  We had lots of wine, and some good scotch whisky from the Glenn Breton Distillery in Mabou, Cape Breton.

(click for enlargements)




Mary Warren, Rolla Smith, Bob Warren, Jon Newhook, Audrey Grantham, Vern Grantham




Audrey, Jon, Bob and Morley
   sitting:  Mary and Rolla


Morley got his orange "weekend on the Cape- May 06" T-shirt and proudly wore it all evening.



Jan 14, 2007

Morley the beaver

Morley Smith

Hi folks

My new past time , helping the beaver in his work. This is Dalvay cross country ski trail  Sunday  Jan 7 , 2007. We went for a walk , and came across a bunch of trees cut down by the beaver. This one tree, he must have gotten tired and would come back again to finish.  Happy New Year to you all.. 





Jan 4, 2007

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT   from David Naish, a Gander grad of 1960.

Nice to get your note. Happy New Year to you. We,  David and Sharon Naish are grandparents again, and it's a boy.

Born Dec 19, at 12:19,  he now has a name ... Patrick Francis Norman. Weighed in at 7 lb 4 oz,    This  has made all the relatives happy on hisfather's  side. He looks like his mother's side of the family. This has  made all the relatives happy on his mother's side.   Mother and father and baby are all doing well in Flatrock NFLD.

So the total is now five(5); 2 grandaughters and 3 grandsons, all under the age of 5. We are expecting them all in London at the end of February for an extended visit.

 All the best for the new year,

Dave Naish