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Dec 2, 2009

Roy Sceviour suffered a stroke a short time ago, here is an   updated on how he is doing


Just to let you know that Roy is doing okay.  According to his wife, Lorraine, the stroke did not affect his memory but did affect the left side of his body.  She expects that he will need rehab in St. John's so it will be quite a while before he is back on his feet. 

Right now, visiting is limited to his family.  He is in Room 3156 on the Medical Unit of the James Paton Memorial Health Centre, Gander, NL A1V 1P7.  I will send a card on behalf of the Reunion Committee.


Carol ((Mercer) Walsh




Nov 6, 2009

I received an email and photo from Gerri Fitzgerald Nimmo who lives in Ottawa, and found two former classsmates from St Joseph's in Gander, who also live in Ottawa, and they met for a three hour lunch!



As a result of all this reunion stuff, met up with two old classmates from Gander last week for lunch - one I saw about 46 years ago and the other, about 52 years ago.  I only learned recently that they were in the Ottawa area.   We had a blast - lots of laughs - lots of gossip - were there for over 3 hours - thought we might get booted out but the waiter gave us free dessert when he learned how long it was that we hadn't seen each other.   Yes, both girls (Carmel and Patsy) are going to the reunion, and Carmel's sister in Winnipeg is also going.  Actually Carmel Dooley-Lemay gave me another pic which I forgot about but sent to Jack today - I thought he might be interested as it was taken outside Carmel's house on the Army Side in 1947 and the house has a big sign above it "Headquarters,...."  She said she lived in Hqs for a number of years.



The attached photo is of  Carmel Dooley-Lemay  and Pat Maloney-Toner  from St Joseph's, at Gerri's little reunion in Ottawa, fall of 2009





Oct 13, 2009

Just a little note from Gloria to let you all know how Rod is doing.


Just to let you know Rod is doing fine, not much change. I would like to thank everyone for the cards, pictures and notes they brighten up his days and help spark some memories from Rods past. That's where he spends a lot of his time.

Thanks again

Gloria Hippern


Sept 22, 2009

Angus Taylor was sailing his boat from English Harbour, in Trinity Bay, to put her to bed for the winter in Lewisporte. He was accompanied by his wife who served as his first mate. They ran into some stormy weather which brought on lengthily delays. Jack Pinsent sort of happened along and to prevent a mutiny, Jack relieved Angus' wife from her mate duties and assisted Angus in completing his mission. What would normally be a voyage of 4 days, ended up lasting 17 days. The guys did have a lot of fun. Click here to read the story and view the pictures that prove it.


July 17, 2009

It has been suggested that we write about our parents that are still living and of their activities.

This is a picture of my father who will be 95 in September, and his girlfriend (eh!), dancing in the barn in Tatamagouche, NS, at the Mingo Homestead, where he was born, and his grandfather built the home.  He keeps very busy, owns a duplex, so rents out the other side, and low and behold the tenants are moving out, and that is causing him some anxiety because he has to find nice quiet people, and you aren't allowed to discriminate.  He drives himself everywhere, has to be retested by Motor Vehicle Department every year, and always passes with flying colors.  He and Rita do get their time in at Emergency at the QEII Hospital, and last time it was Rita's turn, but the nurse asked Dad what kind of shaving cream he used, because he has no wrinkles!  He loves for them to comment on how well he looks.  He will still talk about all his accomplishments in building, can remember when and where he built them.  He was the contractor for Gander Academy which opened in the fall of '57.  He also built the Catholic School in Grand Falls; Hickman Motors, the Royal Bank, I believe the Anglican Church, other stores, and lots of homes in Gander.  I know there are others in Gander but my memory isn't as good as his.  When I take he and Rita for a drive, he loves for me to go by buildings he built in Halifax, and has a story for each.  Dad and Rita rarely miss their daily Tim Horton's coffee group, and often Graham Powell of Gander shows up.






June 26, 2009

For those of you who remember Rod Hippern from HMA, and he attended our last Gander Reunion (2005), I thought you would like to know that he is now in a Nursing Home due to Parkinson's, and Alyzmers (early stages).  His wife Gloria said he loves to talk about Gander and NL.

If you'd like, here is Rod's new address, he likes getting cards, and Gloria will read them all to him.  thanks


Rod Hippern
 Exeter Villa
 155 John Street East
 Exeter, Ontario    N0M 1S1



May 22, 2009

Morley informed us he had a visit with Clarence Lehr in BC, they last saw each other about 46 years ago, and here are some photos and a note of their get together."             Audrey


Shirley and Clarence Lehr

I would like share a few pics with you.   Rolla and I just returned after visiting our grandkids in Maple ridge ,BC.  We took some sidetrips including a day visit with Clarence Lehr and his charming wife Shirley. Even thou  It has been 49 years since seeing Clarence and a first time meeting Shirley , it was very easy and a pleasure to be be in their company.  They moved from Ottawa to BC 4 years ago where they have 2 sons  and their grandkids.  They love the area (Agassiz) and gave us a tour of the area. We returned to their condo and had dinner with them. The mountain and hedge is what they see from their breakfast table., Fantastic view. and they enjoy fishing. The lake behind Clarence and myself is one of Clarence's  fishing favorites and they live very close to the mighty Fraser River.     I also contacted Joyce , who responded that she was in England and would not be returning until the end of May.... Note  the reunion shirt.




May 18, 2009

"There is a story reported in the  Yarmouth Cape Cod newspaper related to the preservation of a piece of  property there. The early 1700s-vintage home was saved from demolition  and the local Historical Society presented the owners with an award for  their efforts. Who were those people? None other than Faye (Lewis)  Raynard a  Gander Academy 1959 graduate and her husband Bruce Raynard."


Faye writes:

We bought it in 2000, just down the street from our daughter Cheri and Steve's place inYarmouthport. It was so overgrown with vines and garbage that previous owners dumped all over the place--old trailers, drums of paint, etc. scattered all over the property. Somewhere in the weeds was a 'for sale' sign. Everyone thought we were crazy to be interested in the place. A contractor up the street just looked at us and shook his head, saying "tear it down".

Friends told us not to sink a lot of money into it. But the beauty to us was the history of the place, in addition to 3 acres that backs up to a pond. The pond is at the terminus of Bass River and you can paddle out to sea from there in a canoe (nine miles). We are surrounded by wild animals, and  a ghost or two. The place still holds intrigue, although we don't have the ambition we had nine years ago to keep applying the elbow grease.Some jobs, the the new chimney and underground wiring and plumbing we couldn't accomplish ourselves, but the rest of the stuff we have taken stabs at. I even restored the old outhouse and Bob Pelley ordered me catalogs for it on ebay. Does it get any better than that?

It's a great retreat from the hustle bustle. Open to any Gander graduate...quite unlike the Hilton and we don't charge.

We just kept chipping away at it every weekend and neighbors would stop by offering encouragement. Finally that contractor offered to buy it, saying 'you got a hell of a deal'. Then a neighbor entered our 'project' in  the Historic Commission Preservation Award...I guess their idea being 'saving something historic from demolition'. The reporter hounded
us for a few months for her to do a write up (you know how those newspaper people can be!!).

Feb 3, 2009

The Obituary for the late James Dempsey, father of Helen, Pat & Jane Dempsey may be accessed  through the link provided.



Jan 26, 2009

We have just received this email

Clarence Dewling (Gander Academy teacher 1957 -1959) is finally a 
grandfather. Adam was born in Norman Wells in May of 2008. Happy parents 
are Andrew and Belinda.


Congratulation Clarence