The Reunion Poem

by Wilson Hoffe


We met by chance the other day

At the Walmart store down Roe Avenue way

How are you doing, I said with a Grin

Are you attending our School  reunion , will you bring a friend.


Oh no she said, to the reunion I cannot go

It’s much too expensive for us you know

It’s designed for the Rich and well to do

Not for us , to expensive,  we have better things to do.


I pondered a moment, I was in doubt

I said we have gone over the budget from inside to out

Every cent is  accounted for, there was no room you see

We can’t do it cheaper, not for you, not for me.


What would you do, I asked, to make it less

A blank stare answered as she looked to the west

There are no easy answers that I can see

If you have easy solutions please tell them to me.


There are clocks to tell the time of Day

And there are Scales to weigh a bale of hay

But tell me how you weigh

A Handshake or a hug, from a Dear Friend of Yesterday.


Or a kiss from an old  Girl Friend, whose’s at the reunion today

Or the heart wrenching thoughts of those who have passed away

Or a peck on the cheek from a girl you once knew

Who , in school, sat in the row, across from  you.


Or sitting and talking about times that were had

Remembering  the good  times, forgetting about the bad

Or expressions of laughter , when we’re in our glee

Its impossible to measure, its priceless to me.


Reduce the price, we couldn’t do , we worked for a year

There were  many disagreements, but never a tear

Our Legacy Project, we’ll build it, so that  all will see

The gift to our Town, from former children like you and like me


Enjoy your weekend, at the cabin no doubt

We’ll be at the Reunion , we’ll holler & shout

And on Monday morning, we’ll sit down and take time

I’ll bet any money your memories will never  equal mine.


Wilson J Hoffe (c)