Reunion Comments
by Ron Mosher

The events prepared by the planning Committee were just complete enough to provide structure and entertainment and just loose enough to allow for meeting, sharing, reminiscing and just plain talking and gossiping. When I learned that the last minute venue was the Knights of Columbus Hall for Thursday and Friday, I had some trepidations, but, to be honest, I think it actually added to the nostalgia. The atmosphere and structure reminded me of the old buildings on the old airport. Eddie Yetman's group certainly rounded off the mood and Ross Goldsworthy's presentation brought us back to our Newfoundland roots. The tours were well done, I heard a lot of good comments on both or them, and the lunch and golf at the club certainly provided another opportunity for more sharing. The banquet provided a touch of "class" and the presentations added to the flair. Sunday morning's remembrance service and the brunch brought closure to a great time.

From the e-mails, I'm picking up the question - "what next?" I don't think it could ever happen again. We were a unique group, to say the least. During the activities, as I looked around the room, I couldn't help but marvel over the diversity. I would say that there was not a school in Newfoundland that graduated such a group of individuals over such a short period of time that achieved such a high degree of success that was evident there at the reunion. It would be an interesting study for someone to take on some time. We were the leading edge of the "baby boomers" - the war and pre-war babies. And we have all gone such different ways that there is a wide diversity in our lives. There have been some comments and opinions expressed about the web-site and our e-mail contacts. We are so different from each other through our experiences and careers that I don't think the web-site can be anything other than what it began as - a point of nostalgia and memory from our past. And, I don't think our e-mail contact can be anything other than what they have been - a contact forum for gossip and memories. There are sub-groups that will remain in close contact, no doubt, and there will be other sub-groups renewed from this reunion. I think your idea, Bob Pelley, of a master list is a good idea and I would encourage you to follow it through, if you have the time - I'll certainly participate. I'm sorry to see the web site go, I enjoyed it - too bad it has to go into cyber-garbage - isn't there anywhere it can be maintained, Liz? Is it gone already? I can't get on it, either. My kids and grandkids even got a kick out of it.

Those of you who kept in contact with me by sending jokes and gossip, please keep doing so. We've had great fun, haven't we? Keep me on you e-mail list, Faye and Audrey. And, Frank Stirling, a story is easy to tell when one has a great chuckler like you listening. Hope we'll see each other some time when our paths cross again, if we can't in person, let's keep doing so in cyberspace. :-)))))

~ron m

Very nice message Ron, will put your 'message' in my scrapbook for sure. If I ever get around to putting it together. I will, I will. The pictures you attached, can you tell me who are in them? I know the Carter's, and your wife, but some in there I don't know.

Audrey (Mingo) Grantham

Ron; You are so eloquent and "hit the nail on the head", so to speak, as to how everyone I spoke to felt about the whole thing. I think that those who were not able to attend missed a very special gathering that could not be duplicated again for a lot of reasons.

Incidentally, I heard nobody there who could "spin a yarn" as you do. Your enthusiasm and delivery is right on!

Keep in touch! You know where I am at so if you ever come where I am to, then give me a shout, old nipper!

Frank Stirling

Yes, Ron you have a way with words. And knowing the Ron of old, You meant every one of them.

Clarence Dewling

Thanks, Ron, you expressed your feelings and those of many others beautifully. Although I don't have a history of the people and the place as you do, still Gander must have made quite an impression on me, and over the year or so of doing the website, I've felt reconnected to some people who were very important to me a long time ago.

Which brings me to the website. No, I have not closed it down. Nor would I until you are ready to let it go. (I don't know why the page disappeared, some glitch at the provider end. However, it's up and running again). Jim and I had talked about keeping it running for a month or two until we had all the reunion photos up. However, it will have to change hands eventually. If there's someone else who would like to take it over, I can burn all the files to CD and send them on to you. I use Dreamweaver as my web design software. (I'll burn the files to a CD anyhow and give a copy to Jim for his archives and anyone else who like one) You can also save and print any page from the site that you'd like to keep.

I've enjoyed my time with the website - it grew to be much bigger than I originally expected! But when I saw that silent wood where once there had been a thriving town, I was so glad I'd been able to read the stories and see the photos of what that life had been like. Thank you all for that huge outpouring of memories.

Liz (Morgan) Marshall