school photos


New photos from Florrie (Price) Moss, Joan (Greene) Fitzgerald and Gwen (Greene) Boyd, Marion Pardy

Hunt Memorial 1950's
Left: ??? Vatcher, Bill Geange, Dianne Lawrence, Boyd Powell, Laura Fox, Gertie Price
Right :Alex Geange, Eddie Yetman, Jim Strong, Joan Greene, Marion Pardy, Edith
Staples, Ethel White
Teacher: Mr. Dewling.

Grade 8, 1954 (musical chairs?)
Seated: Gladys Goulding,Marion Pardy. ? Vatcher, ?, Gertie Price, Loretta Smith
Standing: Shirley Mercer,Betty Pinsent, ?, Eddie Yetman, Ethel White, Bill Noel,
?, Boyd Powell, Bill Geange, Jack Pinsent. Grabbing: Bruce Carter

Hunt Memorial 1950.
Front Row:L to R: Connie James, Gwen Greene, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Barbara Godden, Rowena Anstey, Unknown,Janet Sterling.
2nd Row: Iona Langdon, Corky Kippers, Viola Head, Elizabeth Dyke, Marina Harris,
Unknown, Lucy Geange, Judy Carlson,Alice Taylor, Hazel Pritchett, Pearl Hoyles.
3rd Row: Harry Higdon, Unknown, Ken Barnes, Bob Fry, Willie Taylor, Wilf Lambert,
Frank Frost, Gene Simms, Bill Lehr,Jack Squires, Teacher (Flo Decker).
Back Row: Unknown, Claude Blackmore, Gerry Smith, Jack Pinsent, Unknown, Roy
Rideout ( I think), Frank Sterling

Hunt Memorial Academy, June 1956 , CHE exams
l-r: Gertie Price, Ruth Brown,Ethel White, Marcie Bursey, Betty White. Jeanette Knee


Students Council 1956-57
Sitting: J.Noel, J.Knee, B.Chisholm, J.Greene
Standing: J.Strong, P.Blackie, G.Baker, C.Lawson




Front: J.Learning, D.Learning
Back: J.Tilley, J.Noel, B.Noel, J.Knee,J.Greene





Editorial Committee, 1958
Sitting: P. Strong, J.Mercer, J.Noel, P.Blackie, J.Knee, B.Chisholm, L.Smith
Standing: B. Noel, J.Strong, R. Mosher, G. Baker

Grade 3, Gander Amalgamated School, 1949-50
Back Row: Alex Genge, Winslow Lambert, Bill Genge, Bruce Carter, Bill Noel, Jon
Newhook, Jim Strong (photo owner), Winston Dyke
Fourth Row: Eddie Yetman, Frank Stirling, Judy Carter, Percy Tiller, Campbell
Pritchett, unknown, Shirley Richards (teacher)
Third Row: Laura Bishop, Gladys Goulding, Diane Lawrence, unknown, Edith Staplez
Second Row: Marion Pardy, Ivy Eastman, Jean Smart, unknown, Florrie Price, Betty
Pinsent, Glennis Bishop, Joan Green
Front Row: Marjorie Mercer, Sadie Sharpe, Loretta Smith, unknown, Boyd Powell,
Carol Tucker, Ethel White, Gertie Price, May Lambert

Grade 4 and 5, Gander Amalgamated School, 1949-50.
Back Row (staggered): John Welsh, Dave Simms, unknown, Jim Simmons, unknown, Austin Hiscock,Jim Peckford, Norm Sherdian, Bruce Pinsent, Garfield Pardy, Dave
Hanrahan, Calvin Pretty
Middle Row: Ina Clarke, ??? Powell, unknown, ??? Harris, Kizzie Gill, John
Smallwood, Betty Barnes, unknown, Carol Tucker, George Powell, unknown,
Eric Smith (photo owner), Rod Hippern, Charles (Chuck) Aldrich,
Front Row: Vera Mercer, Rita Goulding, unknown, Patsy Chaulk, Doris Moss

Assembly Hall, Hunt Memorial Academy,Building 107, 1955-56

Back Row - Peter Blackie, John Dyke, Charles Aldrich, Calvin Pretty,
Jack Rideout, Garfield Pardy,Eric Smith,David Hanrahan, Douglas Collins,
Chesley Carter, Charles Lawson.
Front Row - Keziah Gill, Marcia Bursey, Betty Chisholm, Dianne Lawrence,
Ethel White, Doris Moss, Margaret Carew,Joan Greene,
Helen Dempsey, Jeanette Knee.

Concert at Hunt Memorial

School recess

Grade 9 and 10 class at Hunt Memorial Academy, Gander, 1950-51
Left to right (back group): Jean Powell, Luke Lush, Wilma Gato, Charlie Mullins, Cora Butler, Roger Cobb, Ruby Pittman, Grace Rideout,
Sidney Carter, Graham Powel, Edgar Burton;

Left to right (front group): Doug Sheppard, Lorne Humphries, Daisy Pardy, Art Wells,Jean Burry, David Sheppard, Grace Smith, Ralph Thistle, Dolores Bursey,Whit Simms, Marina Hiscock, Verina Powell, Bill Boland, Annie Mahr, Clyde Burt, Roland Clarke
Principal, John Butt.

Shirley (Richard) Jones's class of 1953
First row: Roy Sceviour, Noel James, Bob Warren, Ross Patey,Roy Freake,
Dean Parker, Frank Goulding, Arch Young, Morley Smith .
Second Row: Betty Jenkins, Ron Mosher, Claude Blackmore, Phoebe Samson,
Cyril Fry, Jim Butler, Reg Smallwood .
Third row: Bob Hiscock, Winston Dyke, Joy Mercer, Genieve Geange ,
Elizabeth Bursey, Ina Snook, Peggy Butt, Myrtle Baker.
Fourth row: Shirley Richard (teacher), Clarence Lehr, Jane Dempsey ,
Pearl Strong, Joyce Noel .
Last row: Jean Saunders, Louise Frost, Maisie (?) Power.

Grade Nine, 1958

Grade Ten, 1958

Grade Eleven
, 1958
First Row (blackboard and door side) front to back:
Audrey Mingo, Joyce Osmond, Glenn Hynes
Second Row: (front to back)Gertie Price, Edith Staple, Loretta Smith, Marion Pardy
Third Row: (front to back)Jon Newhook, Bill Noel, Pearl Davis, Joan Greene
Fourth Row (front to back): Dianne Lawrence, Ethel White, Doug Collins, Harold Samson

Student Council 1958-59

Prefects 1958-59

photo from Morley Smith
The unnamed photo is of Ron Freeman and the second Jack Pincent
is actually Gary Pinsent