Remembering When
snipped directly from our web page composed by Liz (Morgan) Marshall

Four photos from Jim Strong

This photo was taken around 1954 in front of the "old white hangar"- Hangar 13 - "the garage"- and features (Left to Right) Cal Warren, Jim Strong, Barry Gee. We were playing baseball in front of the hangar ( the Chestnut Road side) when this shot was set up.
The photo was taken by Gerry Wakeham who worked for one of the airlines and occasionally submitted articles to one of the St. John's papers - the Telegram I think.

1953-54 Grade 7 class
- just the guys
Back Row l-r: Bruce Carter, Jack Rideout,
Alex Geange
Front Row l-r: Boyd Powell, Jim Strong,
Bill Geange, Eddie Yetman, Bill Noel

The dog was not a class mate!


It's the complement to Gladys Goulding's photo! (below)

School Girls, 1954.
Front L-R
Joan Greene, Marion Pardy, Betty Pinsent
Loretta Smith, Gladys Goulding
Dianne Lawrence
Back L-R
Florrie Price, Gertie Price, Edith Staples
Ethel White, Joyce Osmond,
Marjorie Mercer, Judy Carter
Note. Bruce Carter in the background (at left).


December 1960
Back Row l-r: Frank Sterling
Don Myrick, Gerry Smith
Ken Barnes, Pete Blackie
Front Row l-r: Elizabeth Strong
Joanne Myrick, Judy Pynn
Marilyn Knee, Pearl Strong
Janet Sterling, Gaye Cramm
Doreen Cramm

Don and Joanne are siblings and went to St. Joseph's



Cubs - St Martin's Hall 1950
Front Row l-r:Unknown, Bill Noel, Jon Newhook, Morley Smith, George Baker
Second Row l-r: Ted Ireland, Claude Blackmore, Bruce Carter, Frank Sterling,
Jim Strong, Dave Garland
Third Row l-r: Jim Garland, Jim Butler, Bob Hiscock, Barton Green, Nathan Dyke
Garfield Pardy, John Dyke, Peter Blackie, Art Geange, Winston Dyke
Back Row l-r: Bill Boland, Clyde Burt

Four photos from Marion Pardy

Spring 1958 outside Gander Academy
From L-R Standing: ??, Winston Dyke, Dave Garland, Bonnie Burry, Jack Squires, Beatrice
Lester, Elizabeth Dyke, Bonnie Pinsent, Gwen Greene, Roy Rideout sitting
in front of Gwen, Bert Burton, Julia Mingo & Dorothy Baker.
Sitting Front L-R: Pearl Hoyles, Joan Clouter, Norma Rowsell & Clyde Goulding.

Audrey Mingo, 1955

Marion Pardy, Florrie Price - Girl Guides 1955

1953 The Pardy home - Railway House
Elizabeth Dyke, John Dyke, Garfield Pardy, Marion Pardy

Overnight girls at Mingo's cabin at Short's Lake, Nfld Summer 1958

Left to right: Norma Rowsell, Peggy Butt, Genevieve Geange, Jane Dempsey, Janet Stirling, Marilyn Duffett (a family friend of the Dempsey family, visiting from St. John's), Laura Fox,?, Bernice Rideout, Gwen Greene, Audrey Mingo, Joan Greene.

Birthday party: Clem Gouldings 9th birthday
First row: Gloria (Waterman) Collins ,Clem Goulding, David James, Don Hanrahan, ? ,
Second Row: ? Elms, Dennis Mullins, Elmo Langdon, ? Pritchett, Barry Clouter, ?
Third Row: ? ,Ron Mosher, Morley Smith. Last Row: Gus Bailey , ? , Alfreda Lush, Ginny (Waterman ) Gill, Gwen ( Goulding ) Cooper, Frank Goulding

Church party

A hat contest of the Anglican Young People Association [AYPA] in the new St Martins Parish Hall.
Standing: l - r Jim Nixon, Keziah Gill, Eva Petite, ?, Clarence Dewling, Jim Butler, Joy Mercer,
: Carol Nixon, Morley Smith


Teen Dances
Who remembers the teen dances at the airport club?
Claude and I won a spot dance, we were thirteen
at the time. Not sure what Claude got, my record
was "opera", not my first choice at the time if I remember correctly!
Jane (Dempsey) Donnelly

Elias Hollahan , Tommy Austin, Liz Bursey,
Phyllis Melanson and John Malone


Party 1956:

l-r: Cal Pretty, Austin Hiscock, George Powell,
Jim Garland, Bart Green, Keziah Gill,
Audrey Mingo, Lillian ??, Eric Smith,
Joyce Mingo, Peter Blackie
and Maureen Hiscock.


Audrey Mingo, John Newhook, Jim Garland,
Joyce Mingo

The card game in the woods behind the school!

The following photos courtesy of Jane Dempsey

Photos from Morley Smith:

Jim Butler and Joy Mercer, 1962


Bob Warren gone fishing

Morley overlooking Gander lake - we spent a lot of time by that lake


Liz Bursey
Michal Miller



Kay George and future husband, Kevin Smith


Rolla Vincent and future husband, Morley Smith


The Boys!
Jack Pinsent; Stirling Goldsworthy; Clyde Goulding (hockey injury)

Photos from Gladys Goulding

Note the "Green Lane" alleyway on the left side of duplex.
This duplex was the home of Gerry Smith
(Left side) & Eileen Chafe (Right side)




Parade on Foss Avenue.

Photos from Betty (Jenkins) Davidson

Norman Hounsell and Judy (Jenkins) Tulk. Ice Cream
after Sunday School at old Airport.

Norman Hounsell, Carl Hounsell and ???

Figure Skating Club (year?)

Church, June 1953

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