June 29, 2008

We came across these couple of mystery pictures. The best that can be determined is  it was taken during a birthday party in 1959. Gwen (Green) Boyd had helped with a few names but we are still missing some.


front :   ??  &  Roy Rideout

back: ??,  ??,  Diane Mullett, Barbara Greene & Wins Dyke

front:   ??, Roy Rideout, Yvonne Standford, ??, ??

back:  ??,  ??,  Diane Mullett, Barbara Greene & Wins Dyke

Gwen also identified the old radio to the left as a "Sears Silvertone"- (now that's what I call trivia)



Dec 14, 2007

Click on picture for enlargement

Hi All;
  While looking at some of my old pictures from the time I lived in Gander I came across this picture that I thought some of the ladies would enjoy seeing. 
   I recognize Barbara (Godden) Brown & Michael (Miller) Crowe in the upper row, presumably as instructors, but I am at a loss for who the others are.
   It would be nice to see who can recognize the young girls in the photo.
    I would be interested in names so I can make a note on the back of the photo.  I could make copies for those that may want, OK?
                                                                              Frank Stirling.


webster note: names will be posted as they become available.


 July 24, 2006


Doug Bath, Derek Cooper, Cal Warren, Denny Pritchett



First left click pic to view enlargement


1. Identify everyone in photo

2. What is the season (year start-end)

3. What is the team's official name

4. Name the colours of the sweaters and pants





1. Identify all in the photo

2. Where is the photo taken








    Jan 28 edition


  1. When you skipped school without permission the mainlanders call it “playing hooky”. What did we call it?


  1. What was the name of the jewelry store in the new town In 1960


  1. What did Doris Moss’s father do for a living.


  1. What was the CBG celebrity’s radio name in the early 50’s whose last name was Clark.


  1. Who operated the bowling alleys attached to the drill hall on the Canadian side and for what purpose?


  1. What was the name of the Ford dealership in 1960?



This is a challenge sent in by Ray Lush (hockey awards 1958-59)

Identify all in Pic. Does anyone know what were the awards for?



The first photo was taken circa  1958, second in 1955

Who is in the  pic

Where is the pic taken?


who is in the pic

Where are they going





Send your answers to the Flight Webster  if you think you know..