The Ganderettes Figure Skating Club, March 1959
Diane Lawrence, Michel Miller, Faye Lewis, Barbara Godden, Lynn Godden, Liz Morgan,
Sheila Morgan, Dorothy Baker, Brenda Raymond, Carol Jenkins, Judy Jenkins, Pam Hislop, Joan Hislop, Gertrude Hanrahan, Sylvia Cooper,
Barbara Kennedy, Shirley Gosse,
Joan Gosse, Olive Stagg, Muriel Wilcox, Dawn Noseworthy, Gillean Smith,
Francis Anderson, Margaret Benson, Janet Stirling, Pauline Lane, Sandra Slaney,
Marylin Bradbury, Maxine Papp, Sharron Lewis.

Instructor: Pamela Morgan

What you would not have guessed from that last paragraph was that my mother and Wes
Trainor rarely saw eye to eye and had many battles over the ice time allowed the club for practice. However, even he was impressed by the results!
Liz (M
organ) Marshall

Just looking at this Ganderettes page on the website has sure brought back a few
memories especially about that ice carnival in 1959. I remember it well.Me being a hockey
jock, on the "recomendation" (or never play hockey again)of Wes Trainor, volunteered to help decorate the stadium for the show and beone of the clowns to entertained the spectators between acts. The clown partwas strictly on a volunteer basis without any influnence from
Mr. Trainor.He surely didn't promote poor skating skills but that didn't deter me. Ididn't have enough good skating skills to hinder the requirements to be aclown. The place was packed
(as we say in Nfld). Frank Broderick was thechief clown who supervised our costume design
and suggested our antics, Iwas quite proud to be a part of the carnival even though I was not
a figureskater. My parents, who attended the show, were very complimentary about the performance, especially the clowns.

In all my time playing minor hockey, I think this was the biggest crowd Ihad ever had played
for. It still brings back the goose bumps I had felt that evening.
Jack Pincent

Judy Jenkins and Faye Lewis are the "dancing damsels"

Faye (Lewis) Raynard was also proficient in other skating events.